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Our luxury Martingale Dog collars or Sighthound Dog Collars are handmade in Bristol using Liberty print fabrics, lined with satin fabric and have solid brass fittings.

Length 18’’ – 24’’ (width of collar approx 1and half inches)

This collar will fit to the exact size of the neck when the collar is pulled closed.

When it is properly fitted, the collar will be comfortably loose when not in use.

This collar is ideal for dog walking, particularly for added control with dogs that pull. It is also ideal for breeds of dogs such as whippets and greyhounds where the head is relatively smaller compared to the width of the neck, meaning that they could slip out of a standard collar.

How does a Martingale collar work?

These collars have two loops. The smaller of the loops is called the ‘control loop’, this is the part that attaches to the lead and tightens when pulled. The second loop is the adjustment loop. This is the part that can be adjusted to the right size to fit your dog. When fitted properly, the collar should pull close together but the two D rings should never touch.


To decide on the collar size that your dog requires, take two measurements. One around the neck where the collar will sit and the other from the top of the head to under the chin. Use the largest measurement to determine the collar size that is suitable for your dog. Make sure that you allow a few inches for adjustment

Medium Collar 14’’ – 20’’ (35.5cm – 51cm approx)

Large Collar 18’’ – 24’’ (46cm – 61cm approx)

The medium and large collars fit most Labradors, Dalmations, Collies, Setters, German Shepherds and larger dogs.

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