Grow Your Own Catnip


Our catnip (Nepeta cataria) seeds can be sown outside in early Spring. 

Simply sow in shallow drills, cover with fine soil and water if dry. 

Transplant the seedlings when large enough to handle.

Catnip prefers to be grown in a light soil in full sun.

Young plants must be protected as they may be damaged by inquisitive felines!

The plant can grow to 80cm in height and have a spread of 70cm

When picking the leaves, do so before the flowers open. Once dried, this herb may be used as a seasoning, to make a refreshing tea and of course, will drive most cats wild!

Our seeds have been produced and hand packed in England.

As featured in Mail on Sunday's YOU Magazine Gift Guide - November 2016 

Customer Reviews
Grow Your Own Catnip
Absolutely fantastic! So good one of the cat's knocked the packet out of my hand when I was trying to plant the seeds. God only knows where the plants will come up now. I am ordering more seeds today as my cats love catnip.Great service too, if you cannot be bothered to try these seeds buy the toys, your cats will love you!
A doubly wonderful product
The flowers look lovely in a garden pot, while the leaves are irresitable to my cat -- much appreciated by the whole family.
grow your own catnip
Very Happy
Catnip Seeds
Excellent service as usual
Grow your own catnip
Bought for a gift great packaging
Cat already excited...
I have only just received the packet and won't be planting until the spring. However our cat spent a good amount of time chasing the seed packet around the room so I assume the seeds are of good quality!
Swift Delivery
Arrived quickly and am planning on planting it this weekend. Hopefully will be sending the cat nuts in a few months time. Lovely packaging - would be good as a gift for pet lovers!
Catnip seeds
Again attractive packet but yet to use
grow your own catnip
Again we haven't had time to plant it yet, but again i gave a packet to my daughter who was very pleased ....... you will have to await growing results!
grow your own catnip
I was really pleased with this - we started off a couple of pots several weeks apart on the window sill and within a few weeks they were ready to go in the garden where they continue to thrive a year later. Oh and our cat, plus several neighbouring cats love to sit underneath the plants for hours!

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