Grow Your Own Cat Grass


Chewing on grass is a normal activity for outdoor cats. It is thought that it may provide additional vitamins and minerals, help with digestion and is helpful in expelling fur balls.

Cat Grass (Dactylis glomerata) is also known as orchard grass or cock’s-foot grass and the lush growing shoots are very attractive to cats (as well as rabbits and guinea pigs) for eating, sitting and lying on.

This is especially good to grow for indoor cats or if your cat is home bound for a while as they will appreciate the addition of cat grass to their diet.

Grow in well-drained potting mix on a well - lit window sill.

Or the seeds can be sown directly onto a patch of ground.

Once the shoots are about 7cm long, you can let your cat nibble or roll on them. 

Cat grass is easy to grow and a treat for your cat!

Our seeds have been produced and hand packed in England.

As featured in Mail on Sunday's YOU Magazine Gift Guide 

Customer Reviews
Grow your own Cat grass
Bought for a gift lovely packaging and delivery excellent.
Swift delivery!
Arrived quickly and am planning on planting it this weekend. Looking forward to my cats face once he sees he's got his own pot of grass to nibble! Lovely packaging - would be good as a gift for pet lovers!
Grow Your Own Cat Grass
GROW, GROW, GROW, I'm hungry and don't want to go out in the cold on my paws
Cat grass
Attractive packet but yet to use one
grow your own cat grass
we haven't planted it as yet, but I took one of the packets to my daughter who was delighted for her 2 cats
cat grass
Looks v good. Our cats love cat grass.
Cat Grass
All planted up. Just got to wait now, I'm sure my two cats will find it hard to resist.Difficult to rate yet
Cat Grass
Haven't planted it yet, so I don't know.

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