Felt Ball Cat Toys


The Natural Pet Toy Company have developed these bright, colourful and natural felt ball cat toys.

In a pack of three assorted colours and handmade from the softest merino wool, these luxurious cat toys are lightweight and naturally bouncy, so perfect for your cat to roll, chase and catch.

They make an ideal toy for cats and kittens who enjoy active play and love to chase things but sadly, these toys are not suitable for dogs!

We store our felt ball cat toys in loose catnip herb, so they are lightly scented but they do not contain any catnip in their construction.

Please supervise your cat when playing with this toy and remove immediately if it becomes damaged or worn.

These are not children’s toys.

Size: Each felt ball cat toy measures 3cm (approx) in diameter.

These cat toys are handmade by a community organisation in Nepal. Orders for our felt toys help bring much needed employment to women in the mountain villages. They are then scented with premium strength, organic catnip and packed in Bristol. 

Felt colours may vary from ones shown.

Please note this toy is designed as a chase toy. It does not contain catnip in its construction and is unlikely to incite the same reaction as our catnip filled mice and fish toys.

Customer Reviews
Felt balls
Second time I have brought these cats love them great product
Hours of fun
to be had with these little felt balls. Although not filled with cat nip they are still fun to play with and scoot around the house. Also easy to pick up with a claw. Very light and safe. Alfie says thank you once again :)
Fabulous Toys
Such a great size/weight for kittens to bat around - one kitten loves these balls so much that when he is too tired to chase it any more, he picks it up in his mouth and curls up with it.
Great balls of fun!
Great service, as usual. It is the first time I have bought these, all the cats were interest but the female preferred these to the Rabbit catnip toy, which says something. It was great watching her fling them around and catch them, she became very defensive of them, so the boys didn't even get a look in, will definitely be getting more.
Felt ball
He is not as thrilled by this, but I'm sure a younger cat would be.
Amazing toys!
This is the second time we have bought these for our cat shadow. He absolutely adores them and will happily just play fetch with us for hours.
Felt Ball Cat Toys
Foster kittens love chasing these things about, big hit!
Ideal Moggy Plaything
Likes to chase these over the floor
Felt balls
Lovely as usual, quiet too
I buy the catnip toy mouse/ rabbit but this is new. They like carrying small items so will love this at Christmas
felt ball cat toys
Not very interested so far
Felt Balls
I thought these were lovely, but the cats prefer the normal catnip mice! Ordered some more mice at the last minute before Christmas and the service from the Natural Pet Toy Company was excellent - as usual- they arrived just in time. Happy New Year.
Felt balls
First time purchase and did not disappoint. The cats love them!
Felt ball cat toys
Not sure the catnip infusion on the material lasts too long once unpacked
Felt Ball Cat Toys
My cats love these almost as much as the catnip mice, fish, rabbits etc. The only difference is that they just use these for play whereas they like to sleep with their heads resting on the other toys too! A little mouse-shaped pillow...
Love em!
Light and speedy across the floor, best ball toys i got!!!
Fely Ball Review
Although these Christmas presents have yet to be opened, I know my two cats will love them. This is the first time we have bought these little felt balls but if they are the same high quality, filled with catnip as the other toys, they will go down a treat with Uggs and Dolly Jean! Merry Christmas!
My cats love them and so does my neighbours cat who keeps coming in to have a crafty play.
Great product!!
Chairman Meow loves these balls. He plays with them all the time. I don't go anywhere else for toys now except you guys!!! Thanks
Potty cats
These wool balls drive our cats potty and keep them occupied for hours.
not as potent as the fish but madam lives it
Felt Ball Cat Toys
Another excellent product from the Natural Pet Toy Company. They keep my two Korats occupied ...quite some achievement,if you've ever owned any!!! Supervised play only,please do not leave them out unattended! Good quality as are the catnip mice and fish I have always bought. Really are the best on the market and well worth the price especially when 3 for £10.00!
felt ball cat toys
Great product
felt balls
The kitten loves these.
Wooly balls
Errr please see above and edit how you see fit..definitely the best cat toys in the world...I wanted to take a video but they have evaporated into hiding places xxx
Catnip toys
Lovely rolly, catnip scented balls.
Felt ball
First time I have purchased these. Cat can get his claws into them and roll around.
Review of felt ball cat toys
Haven't tried this product before. The balls are the perfect size and softness for feline paws to bat them around. The only thing is they are also the perfect size to get stuck behind and under furniture so ours are temporarily missing in action. I'm sure they will turn up somewhere though - unless they join the land of missing socks!
Felt ball cat toys
Great fun but best for kittens as adult cats got easily bored
Felt Ball
Chasing around the house
Felt Balls
Thank you. Tara loves her felt balls. We definitely be buying more.
Something different for little paws.
Not had these before but like all your other toys, an instant winner.
Felt Ball Cat Toys
Excellent product. The balls are really light and ideal for our cats and kitten to chase around. Our 5 month old kitten has not stopped playing with them since I opened the pack!!
Excellent quality, as always
The felt balls arrived quickly, well-packaged and were of excellent quality, as I have come to expect with all your products. Most importantly, the cats love them :)
Toy catnip balls
Once again my cats are very happy with their catnip presents.
Happy new toys!
These are new to my cats, but along with your catnip mice, these were pounced upon as soon as I opened the envelope!
Felt Ball Cat Toys
Have just bought these balls for my 4 cats and they can't stop playing with them. I would definite recommend them for hours of fun your cats
Very good.
The two little ones love these.Lots of freaking out in the early hours.
A new hit in our house!
Have been buying the cat nip toys for years and they never fail to entertain the humans and cats in our household, in equal measure! Fabulous quality, the best cat nip toy in the UK.
Felt Ball Cat Toys
Fantastic product and fantastic company. My cat loves all the catnip toys that I buy him and the delivery is so quick. I love the way Malcolm throws his ball in the air and catches it, he will play with it for hours. Great product as they all are.
Our persian girls just love these, brought some at the supreme cat show in November they played with them so much that they have lost them! So hence another purchase! They seem to prefer the brighter colored ones!
Fantastic cat toys
We really love these! You can kick them around like a ball, but carry them around in your mouth like a catnip mouse...and no annoying sound effects like other balls on the market! Come in a highly convenient pack of three... One each...thanks mum!
Fabulous toys
Our new kitten Callie Siamese/bengal cross loves playing with these colourful balls. The balls are light enough for her to chase them all over the house and she carries one in her mouth when she wants us to throw it up the stairs for her to chase.
Beautiful toys
My cat hasn't played with these as much as the catnip rabbit I bought together with them - this might be more due to her personality (she is not so into independent play) than any flaw with the toys. They are beautiful and high quality so I don't regret buying them!
a great his
My son's 2 kittens just love these and spend hours playing with them
cat balls
I am still trying to find them all, they played for a long time with them
Felt balls
Another great success! The cats love these, good size for chasing, carrying & generally causing chaos!
Great fun!
My 3 cats will play for hours with these, more than any other balls we've ever bought them. We're finding them everywhere, which means they are truly being enjoyed!
Cats love them
My two cats have absolutely loved chasing these balls around, they're great because the can hook into the felt and throw them themselves as well as batting them around. Great fun for them thanks
Felt balls for cats
My cats loved these but only for a short time. They prefer their other ones which contain catnip.
I bought these to entertain, Charlie, our young cat, but he didn't get a look-in once 18-year-old Flad got hold of them. Although arthritic, he ran, jumped and chased one of the balls all over the kitchen, intoxicated by the intense, high quality catnip scent. The balls are a total success and our elderly cat is rejuvenated!
Felt Ball Cat Toys
Our new rescue cat loves balls but is not a big fan of catnip, or so we thought! She likes to play in the middle of the night & we can hear her chasing and chattering to these every night. Her favourite toys ! She also likes to chew the ears off the catnip mice.
Cats toys
Well liked by all the cats
Felt Ball Cat Toys
Not the same initial reaction as with the catnip mouse, did not go all gooey and could not pull the string etc. However, come morning no sign of felt ball! Rather worried that it had been eaten as we remembered she had tried to bite it, then we found it under some furniture. Obviously plays with it at night and our hunt continues each morning!
Another lovely toy
Our cats love playing and these balls are easy to bat ( and hide).
Cat Toys and Catnip
Excellent service, brilliant turn-round as usual
Well our new arrival, Marley, arrived today. Coco wasn't at all happy and there is hissing. When Marley was let loose with these lovely balls, he chased them all over the room. Now we are having to find them again for him, but he sure does love them. Really lovely to see him play with a very safe good quality toy. I can recommend these! Enjoy!

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