Loose Catnip In A Patterned Drawstring Bag


Our loose dried catnip is the finest quality natural herb that makes most cats wild with excitement! This is the best catnip available in a generously filled bag, you will have plenty for making your own cat toys, rubbing on your cat’s scratching post or even reviving old catnip cat toys. Many cats like to roll or rub against catnip herb particularly when dried, as it is even stronger smelling than when freshly grown, and they may even want to eat it but you can be assured it will not harm them in any way.

Please note, we do not recommend using the entire bag as a toy.

Please be aware that the drawstring on the bag could cause injury to your cat if it becomes caught up in it and it is also likely that the bag will be opened by inquisitive cats, resulting in loose catnip everywhere! So please be careful when using and storing loose catnip and always supervise your pet when playing.

Customer Reviews
Excellent product! My cat just loves Catnip. This product will put new life into her old toys.
cat nip
going to make some small toys for an animal rescue hospital to sell
Loose Catnip in bag
Thank you once again for sending me another of your products loose catnip in a bag, the delivery was really quick ( within 2 days) and I received it in excellent condition. My daughters cats love this product. Thank you again
Proper catnip!
My cats sometimes get catnip toys as gifts, but the contents never appeal very much. When I opened this catnip, I had a cat at my feet in an instant!
Cat on a high
Our cat has made a bee line for our bed ever since this item was removed form its bag and now demands it whenever she is in our room.
loose catnip in patterned drawstring bag
Have to keep away from the cats
catnip fish
Every cat I've had has loved these and this one is no exception. Since much better than any other I have found.
Class A Catnip !
We bought this catnip to make up our own toys for our cats. The toys sold here are brilliant, but our hunters have a habit of disembowelling them and leaving catnip everywhere, so we're making some out of old denim jeans and this loose catnip. It's potent stuff. We have a cat here at work who generally sleeps all the time and cannot be bothered with catnip. This stuff changed his mind! He decided he was definitely my friend after a short dose and kept asking me for more :-) I think an additional denim bag will be sown up for his benefit too.
A little bag of true happiness.
This 'little' bag is packed with catnip. It would be quite difficult to get any more into it. Don't leave it lying around because your cat will locate it and vandalise the bag.........no, this hasn't happened to me because I was prepared. I know what cats do ! I sprinkle some in two areas on the carpet, a place for each cat, as a reward for coming in when they are called ! They roll about and amuse themselves for ages. Poppy will always come in immediately. Bonnie is less accommodating, so, I rub some catnip between my hands and approach her. It works like a magnet.......in she comes !! I'm so pleased I have found this supplier. No more concerns. Thank you, Natural Pet Toy Company, from two very happy cats !
Loose catnip
I used some of this to entice my cat into a basket he's been studiously ignoring. Guess where he is now! Fast asleep in the said basket. Excellent quality, it works every time.
Good item!
Great item!
Fantastic item - just watch your hand
I got this to top up some of the scratch posts and refresh some toys - I tried to do it when nobody was watching but they knew as soon as I opened the plastic wrapper and were on me like a shot. One of the cats decided this bag of catnip was a very acceptable alternative to a mouse and tried to chew through the bag in 2 seconds - I explained it wasn't a supersized catnip toy but apparently that answer wasn't good enough!
Love Love LOVE it!
I've scattered a few loose herbs over an unloved area and, guess what, it's now their favourite spot!
These are THE best catnip toys for cats, the catnip is so fresh the cats go mad over them - seventh heaven on Christmas Day. I bought the aniseed bone for my Mum's shi itsu last year and she adored it - so another one ordered this year in a fantastic stripey pattern. Good quality products, made in the UK, with quick delivery get my repeat business every year
Cap nip refill
great for repairing the catnip toys or making your own extra tough toy for the really wild cat...
loose catnip in patterned bag
We expect our home made toys, if not as beautiful as yours, to give our cat just as much pleasure.
Excellent quality catnip
Brilliant for topping up catnip toys
The bag is lovely, but my cat is not hugely impressed by the catnip! I have left some toys 'marinating' in it so will try again in a few days.
I don't know a cat that doesn't like this catnip. Unfortunately we lost our cat Robbie 7 weeks ago but I still buy the catnip/toys for the visiting cats. They love it x
does what it says on the tin !!
As soon as I put some of this on the floor my cats went berserk, rolling around in it and generally having a good time. I made the mistake of leaving the bag out on the mantle piece and the next morning most of the contents of the bag were on the floor.SO BE WARNED CATS ADORE THIS STUFF. I ordered this on a Thursday and it arrived on a Saturday... fast speedy and efficient thank you . I would recommend your site without hesitation.
This catnip is the best quality I have found

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