Catnip Mouse Cat Toy


New limited edition fabrics. This delightful and completely natural mouse catnip toy will keep your cat blissfully happy for hours. Stuffed with only love and certified organic catnip herb - which is sewn into a pure cotton outer. 

Our sweet organic catnip toy mice come complete with colourful pure British wool twine tails and fabric ears.

Size: This cat toy measures 14cm x 5.5cm (approx).

Designed and handmade in England. 

Please select your required fabric choices from the colour drop down menu.  

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Customer Reviews
cat nip mice
Supurb quality of goods and excellent + delivery time - thank you.
In Flight Entertainment...
The Culpepper Catnip Mice were such a joy and made great presents. Lovely fabrics too. So when the company sadly folded I thought that was the end an era. And then your rallying email to the catnip deprived....I received your delivery today together with a handwritten 'thank you' and a kiss from Laura on the Packing Slip. That's soooo sweet. I wanted to check out if they were as good as they looked and had considerable feline assistance opening the parcel. Our older cat curled up with his and licked it as if he was greeting a long lost friend. When I came back to the computer to order more I kept seeing the second mouse out of the corner of my eye, being tossed about three foot in the air by our younger cat. Thanks - we all love them!
Catnip Mice
I was absolutely delighted to find out that I could still get these catnip mice which I used to get from Culpeper. My 3 cats absolutely love them, the catnip is much more potent than in any other toys I've purchased elsewhere. They start off by playing wildly with them and then fall asleep using the mice as a pillow - which is adorable!
Welcome back
Your cats will love this! Yet to meet a cat who doesn't go crazy over these!
Millie is a happy cat again Thank you
My cat loves these and they are well worth the money unlike other cat toys that she gets and plays with for a day or two and then never looks at again, she goes back day after day for months to these ones. I have recomended these to all my friends..
Catnip Toys
Very pleased with the purchase, I bought them for friend's cats I am waiting for their feed back.
So glad I found these again!
These catnip toys are the ONLY ones worth buying. They cost a bit more than others, but cats absolutely adore them. I have no idea why, but they do! My cat ignores other catnip toys but is in love with these - literally! She cuddles up at night with them, plays with them and gets very possessive if you try to take them away from her!! So glad they are available again - one happy cat!
Christmas gift for cats
Sent to them a friend in California as Xmas prezzies for her cats. Will let you know what she says.
Excellent service! Speedy delivery, well packaged. The toys are xmas presents; one each for my 3 cats. Judging by their response when I opened the parcel, I think they will love them, they certainly smelt the catnip!
Catnip Toys
Best buy and highly recommend these to anyone with a cat!!
Back again
Our cats have welcomed the return of these catnip mice.
Yesss!!! The Catnip works
My cats would only ever, ever bother with Culpeper Catnip products - so I was distraught when Culpepers closed. I tried loads of alternatives - but none were to the cats' liking. I recently found these Catnip mice and fish toys at the Natural Pet Toy Company & they are the best - cats have gone wild, even tore open the packaging. A perfect alternative - possibly even better - to Culpeper's. Highly recommended by my cats!
My cats love them, the best cat toy on the market. Very prompt service
So relieved to have found our favourites!!
Our previous source unfortunately ceased trading so we were ecstatic when we received a mailer from The Natural Pet Toy Company showing their catnip toys - they looked just the same as the ones we'd been buying for years but couldn't anymore...When they arrived the cats quickly gave them their seal of approval - we'll be back for more! :)
Really happy with the postage time and the item
Really happy with the postage time and the item, glad we could find these again after the retailer we purchased them from in York went under! Top drawer service! This is going to make three cats very happy at Christmas!!!
Catnip Toys
I bought some catnip toys for my cat for Christmas, they have arrived and are great. The service from The Natural Pet Toy Company was brilliant, the products came the next day. Very pleased and will definitely buy from this company again.
Catnip Mice
When Culpeper went into administration, I was wondering what Santa Claws would do this year. I needn't have worried. Natural Pet Toy Company catnip mice have been given a 5-star approval rating by the pussies (who smelt them as soon as the parcel arrived). Prompt service and excellent quality. Have a purrfect Christmas. Thanks.
Thank you!
Thank you so much. The catnip toys are just as good as the Culpeper ones used to be and have gone down really well with all the cats spread out across our family. I do hope your business venture is a big success.
Cat nip peace
Happy cat lying on the hearth rug in front of the log burner purring and licking his catnip toy which is firmly clamped between his front paws.
catnip toy- mouse cat toy
The items were just what I was hoping for. Delivery was swift, and they were packaged and presented well.
Mouse cat toy
Excellent - cats loved them.
Mouse cat toy
Haven't opened this one either
Catnip toys
Excellent. Out cats love them and have sent some of them to their feline friends - who concur.
Bibby the rib tickler loves it :-)
Cat nip toys
My cat and all my friends cats love them all. The best toys ever!
Like the old days
My cats were a fan of these (or similar) toys from Culpepper, now gone under. Was told these were so good that they might have been from the actual supplier. My two cats opened the post while I was at work. Yep, they as good.
You will have to wait till 25th Dec but I know the outcome. Mea-ow! Pur Pur.
Catnip mouse
These are the best catnip products - certainly for my cats. The service was excellent too, I ordered at around 4 in the afternoon and the toys were delivered in the next morning's post!
Catnip Toy - Mouse Cat Toy
Catnip Mouse
Thank you for phoning up to check that it was an error that I had ended up with two similar orders. Very helpful and friendly. Love the product, I used to buy it from Culpeppers. Do not know why you bother with the mouse ears, both cats I have given them to have pulled ears off immediately but rest of mouse has lasted ages.
catnip toys
First class. They were delivered the next day after I placed my order. Our cats love them and have bought them for all their feline friends as Christmas presents - as well as keeping some for themselves.
A huge success....
I have purchased these cat toys previously and my cats absolutely love them. The process was easy and all arrived safe and sound very quickly. Thanks
So glad to have located your company, we have been giving our cats these catnips for years and they love them. Frequent order updates and good service, many thanks
Mouse cat toy
The catnip toys as well as being very popular with our little rescue gang,are very serviceable.They withstand a lot of chasing and chewing.
Catnip Heaven
My cats mourned the loss of culpepper catnip mice which were the finest around..that is until now. I bought 3 mice and released one earlier this week - my Ragdoll was off with it, swiftly followed by my Birman in hot pursuit. I would thoroughly recommend these as the best around - my Ragdoll has already found the 2 unwrapped ones that I had "hidden". He has chewed his way in and dragged that one off now - clearly it speaks for itself.
Our Cats are in love
I purchased my two cats a catnip toy from the Natural Pet Toy Co and my mum's 4 cats one each too. Without exception, all 6 go crazy for them. They are the best catnip toys we have ever found and last for ages - in fact one of mine found her old one too and was playing with two in her paws.
Catnipt cat toy
Frank and Nancy absolutely loved them. I opened the package when i got home from work and they both had one toy each and they just sat there with them in their paws rubbing them all over their faces. These toys make my cats purrfectly happy PLUS they are a good 'calmer down' when they are a bit agitated with each other i just let them sniff and they then get calm and lie down and chill together Thanks you :)
The one and only
Having turned up her nose at catnip toys all her life, my senior cat has fallen in love with the Natural Pet Toy Company range (she particularly recommends the rabbit).
My cats can't live without these mice
Best catnip toy ever, hours of fun watching my cats play with them
catnip mouse
I was looking for a replacement for Culpepper. Excellent, and the proof of the pudding was that our cat was trying to get at the mouse before I had even properly opened the packet. Prompt delivery too.
Cat Nip Striped Mouse Cat Toy
Thanks just "Purr-fect" i'm sure he's going to love it. He's going to be a big 1 next week so saving it for his birthday. Thanks again for picking one suitable for a male cat. I'm sure i'll be back again!
absolutely delighted
I was absolutely delighted with the catnip toys. I have been searching for ones that my very "picky" Burmese cat will play with, I used to get them from Culpeppers until they went out of business over a year ago, and Chippy has been deprived ever since! He was rapturous when I introduced him to yours. He turned his nose at the usual ones from pet shops. Thank you also for the very nice little message on the receipt that accompanied my order.
Lovely items delivered very quickly
I ordered these in place of the Culpeper ones as they've closed down. My cats are very pleased with them and they look lovely!
Catnip mouse toy
The cats love them! On receipt the cats spent 30 mins licking each to death. Toys good quality
catnip mouse
Excellent product. Really pleased to find this website, I have been looking for a catnip toy like this since culpeppers closed down. My cats love them.
Cat nip mouse - my cat goes wild!
My cat Toby loved his cat nip mouse, he is constantly rolling over it, kicking it and giving it some love. I am very impressed with how robust it is and the floral paterns just set it off.
Catnip mouse
Our cat couldn't get enough of this toy - drooled all over it. The ears both came off on the first day but this didn't diminish the cat's enjoyment of the toy! A real treat.
Catnip toy mouse
Excellent product, lovely material. My cat is in heaven with this toy. She absolutly loves it. It is on a par with her old Culpepper one. Many thanks for a great product. Fantastic customer service also.
Catnip toy
Wonderful to have a source for good quality catnip again! Prompt, friendly service from Natural Pet Toy Company. Many thanks.
Catnep Toys
I found your website very easy to use and had no problems at all. I am so glad that the demise of Culpeper has not closed you down. Cats are delighted with their presents! Why don't you ask Cats' Protection mag to mention you?
Catnip toy
They loved them. But you should do deals when you bulk buy.
Catnip mice
Was desperate to find a replacement for the Culpepper quality toys - and now I have. All my cats are mad for them!
Catnip Mouse Toy
My Ragdoll, Meg, absolutely loves these. She sits on them, rolls around on them, licks them & dare you just try to take them off of her! x
Our cats love these. Best presents we could give them!
Quick delivery; one happy 17yr old cat. Very pretty mouse and much licked and enjoyed by our much loved cat.
Christmas Present
I got this toy for my cat, Suki for Christmas. I'm sure she will love it! :)
My cats love these!
I ordered a catnip mouse for my two cats to share, thinking they might enjoy it (they are not, generally, catnip lovers). They absolutely loved it - so much that they were fighting over it! I have had to go back online and order 2 more.......
My Cat's Favourite
There's definitely something special about these catnip mice. I've given Flad other brands and he's not been interested, but he goes crazy about these, bats them with his paws, then goes to sleep with a happy smile on his whiskers! I thoroughly recommend them.
Absolute Favourite.
The Catnip Mouse is our cats favourite of favourites. We recently won one in a competition and he loved it so much that we had to order another. He does play with the others but this is his first choice! The service and delivery is excellent also. Will definitely be back for more.
catnip toy
Good quality and smelly - our cat likes them as much as his old favourite ones from Covent Garden store now closed.
Catnip toy
The cat loved it, & couldn't wait to open it once it had figured out what was under the tree.
The Best Catnip Toys
My cats ae very fussy about their catnip and will turn their furry noses up at anything that is not from Culpepper! They loved their three new toys and recommend them to their furry friends everywhere.
Best birthday gift ever!
Bought this toy for my cats 2nd birthday and he absolutely loves it!! It's so funny watching him play with it... The catnip drives him wild! I will most definitely be buying more!
I haven't been able to find good catnip products since Culpepper went, but these are perfect. My cats batted them out of my hand and went nuts for them. Thank you!
CatNip Toys
Hello, Excellent service as always - my 3 cats adore these mice! thank you for the quick delivery!
I was so pleased to receive your email about these cat toys - I have been buying them for many years from Culpeper and when they went out of business I couldn't find anything that my cats liked as much. Thank you so much for getting in touch.
My cats all adore these toys. One washes the toy, one bunny kicks hers, one gathers all the toys together and sits on them and one rolls around on it. All 4 of them drool in a most disgusting fashion on their toys. I think they're definitely a hit!!!
Purchase of catnip toy
The two toys I ordered came very speedily, for which my cat was grateful. All very hassle free.
thanks for prompt despatch - mice now soggy and revolting, so have gone down a treat!
Huge hit for town and county cats
Thank you for your excellent and friendly service. The online site is very easy to use even if you forget your password and delivery was prompt. My cat and friends cats all go mad for these toys...........cats in Wiltshire, London, Guernsey, and Spain have all received these special little toys...thank you for making them.
Catnip mouse
Our cat is ecstatic about her catnip toy - surely 10 out of 10 cats prefer it! Thank you again.
Catnip Toy
Excellent service, goods arrived next day and cat loved the toy.
Catnip toys
I was very impressed with the service, I ordered multiple toys on a Bank holiday Monday and they arrived on the Wednesday of the same week. And my cats love them. Even people who say their cats don't like catnip are surprised when they give their cats these ones. They are the best I've found and I do periodic orders for all the cat people I know.
Catnip Joy!
I was gutted when Culpepper's closed and thought we'd never have catnip mouse fun again. Most commercial catnip just doesn't do it. But hurrah! The first time the parcel arrived Mabel had ripped it open before I could get to it. Jenkins, our older cat doesn't get so excited but likes to lick them! The fabrics are sweet, the cat toys well made and both of ours love tugging on the thread eyes! The staff always send a note saying thank you - it seems like a really nice company!
Christmas treat
A lovely catnip mouse that Mima will enjoy rubbing her head on and will slobber all over this Christmas. Delivery very efficient.
The cats love these cat nip toys and I have never found anything more popular with them.
I brought 2 of these catnip toys, they are always very acceptable - they really make my cat play and enjoy.
great product and service
As always - great product and great service.
Wow! Back at last!
No other cat nip toys like these anywhere in the UK to my knowledge, couldn't get them previously as Culpepper closed down. I was over the moon when I heard you were making these catnip toys again. My cats adore them! When the package arrived my cats were immediately sniffing and scraping at the bag on delivery! I had to fight them off and tell them not till Christmas. Thank you from four very happy cats! Xx
Best Catnip Toys on the planet
All my cats love these, as do my two friends' cats who I also buy them for. They last for ages, sometimes even when they have lain around on the floor for months and are dried up and covered with dust my cats will suddenly start playing with them again! There is no comparison to other so-called catnip toys and although these are a bit expensive, they are worth it.
Catnip Mouse and Rabbit
Our Birman kitten is delighted with her mouse and rabbit. They are just like the Culpeper toys I used to buy. Excellent service and speedy delivery - thank you.
she loves it
I don't know how these are different to other cat nip toys, all I can say is that these are the only ones that my cat likes. She licks it to death and dribbles everywhere - revolting but fab to see her having such a great time!
Great Toys
Excellent toys - both my cat & kitten love their new mice! Well made & quick delivery.
Mouse cat toy
Ditto bird cat toy
The Best!
These toys are the only ones that my 3 cats have endless fun with and never get bored with. Brilliant!!!
cat nip mouse
very pleased with purchase, arrived very quickly and toy is of good quality. Both my cats played with it straightaway. Would not hesitate to buy from this company again - very pleased!
My cats' favourite
I buy in bulk for my 5 cats and all my friends who have cats because they adore these. The males probably have more fun with them than the females cos mine suck them dry! PLEASE keep making them. Thanks
Spoil your pussy
My little girls (Hannah & Tora) go wild for all the variants of these toys. Birthdays, Christmas and all the times in between can't come fast enough for them - and me. Also, for me, there's always a handwritten message on the delivery note thanking me for my order. Shame on Amazon for not doing the same! ;-) It's a nice touch from The Natural Pet Toy Company people and always appreciated by me.
Cat Nip Toy Mice
My cat loves these catnip mice, and 3 for £10 is good value.
Good toy and excellent service
Catnip mice a joy for cats
Service was excellent, prompt and the personal message on the shipment note was much appreciated. The product is very good, the cats love it and I am ever so pleased that the company has tried to continue with a product close to Culpepper's. I do feel that the catnip is not quite as good however, only very slightly though. Congratulations on a fine product!
The best catnip toy...
...that you can buy. Cats go silly eyed as soon as it's out of the packet and take turns stealing it from one another and even months on it still smells strongly and gets played with regularly. More designs please!
Tiny Tim's new favourite toy
I ordered after a friend got one of these for her boy cat and it did not disappoint my boy cat! He goes utterly gaga for this so it has to be rationed. The girls like them too although the ears on one mouse lasted less than 48 hours of play time. Will definitely buy again though.
Great Service
As ever - I placed the order one day and it arrived the very next day. Superb service and a quality product that my 2 cats adore...what more could I ask for?!
My cats always love this product. they also last such a long time.
Mouse cat toy
My cat loves her new toys
Catnip Toy Mouse
I have 3 cats who were lucky enough to get one each of these for Christmas and they loved them, so I kept the wrapper and ordered them some more, once again they were thrilled... thank you for making my cats so happy :)
Great service and the toys as always have gone down a storm. Always a good sign when the cat tries to get them out the envelope with out me opening it first!
Cats love these
Bought one for each cat. Just like the Culpepper mice which don't seem to be available now. Full of catnip. Good quality.
Catnip mice
Very pleased to find this product used to have a similar type from Culpeppers, who have since been dissolved. Good prompt service, bought 5 in total and now have 5 very happy cats. Many Thanks.
marvellous mice
These are the best catnip mice I've found.. my cats go wild for them. And very quick delivery too.
Always the favoured toy
My three cats adore these, no other catnip has the same effect on them. I do need to replace the thoroughly drooled over ones every so often though!
The Kitties love it!
Really great toys which our cats love, this is my third or fourth order. Beautiful fabrics prints, and the mouse tail is great for swinging it around and getting the dogs even more excited. Most other cat nip toys don't register a passing interest for our fussy boys and these they go nuts for.
The best catnip toys
Bought every year as a ''Christmas present' for our Siamese cat Casper who is in seventh heaven . As always, order delivered promptly. Thank you.
Catnip Mouse Cat Toy
These are fantastic value and love the new colours. My cat goes mad for them, giving him many hours of fun.
catnip mouse
ideal pressie for one greatly loved cat!....plays with it daily.
These are the only true catnip toys... my cats LOVE them... hours of fun
Very impressed!
A friend put me on to these toys and I have to say I have been very impressed with the first class service and the wonderful toys themselves-and my cats also give these 5 stars!!
Good product, delivered most speedily. Great Company to buy from for that special treat.
Catnip mouse
Lovely toy as always
catnip fish
All of my cats have loved these catnip toys and the service & delivery from natural pet-toy is excellent. Would recommend to anyone who wants to give their cat a treat!
They will love it as usual !
I bought two for my fur babies for Christmas. Have bought them before. This brand has quality catnip in them
catnip mouse cat toy
Went down very well
Mental cat!
My cat goes mental with a new catnip toy - this is the only place worth getting catnip toys from. Supermarket ones just don't cut it with the cat!!
Excellent service/ excellent product
Easy to order, received the parcel before I expected to and the product is excellent and loved by all the cats I give them to.
Catnip mouse cat toy
As usual my two cats go absolutely potty for them, excellent quality.
Feline Fun
These toys are a firm favourite with my cats, they are much loved and give both me and the cats hours of fun!
Best cat toy!
My two cats go crazy for these! Please don't ever stop selling them! They've had all the different shapes, the mouse, fish and rabbit, but for some reason the mice are always the favourites?!?!
Catnip Mouse Cat Toy
Excellent product and excellent service and delivery.
Catnip Mouse Cat Toy
The best catnip toys you can buy. Bought an offer of 3 at a great price - thank you. The cats love them
Catnip mice
My second order of these as so loved by the cats first time around.
The cat loves it!
The cat is not usually interested in toys but he loves this. He played with it for hours. Usually with new toys he completely ignores them or plays for 30 seconds. Highly recommended.
Catnip toy
My cat WIllow is in love with her catnip toy and holds it in her paws and and rubs her face with it!!! Just what I had been looking for and very cute too, bought 3 to keep us going for a while, Willow says "thanks" xx
Catnip Heaven
My cat loves these. She goes crazy with excitement. None of the other shop bought ones work. My cat is an indoor cat, so I like to treat her.
Catnip Mouse Cat Toy
Excellent value - and loved by Rusty!!
Thank you!
Brilliant service once again, thanks guys. Three very happy cats!
The best
4 generations of family cats have enjoyed these catnip mice. Impossible to open a padded envelope in our house without looking down to see 2 expectant litte faces. No other catnip toy will do.
My cats love them and so does my neighbours cat who keeps coming in to have a crafty play.
Nothing compares
I've been buying these now for a few years and all of my cats (past and present) have found these irresistible and very addictive! While they go mad for catnip in general there is something about these that they adore. Chewing, dribbling, batting the heck out of them and one cat just sits there licking them for ages. We've even had a neighbours cat sneak in and steal one! I always know when the postman has delivered them as the mail starts getting molested pretty much instantly. We always have to buy at least two so we can give one to each cat, otherwise war breaks out and sneak attacks are launched trying to mug the other one for their toy. The best bit is that I don't have to worry about dyes or feathers etc that my cats will end up eating as these are very simple. Simply perfect.
He loves them
The tail fell off but he still loves the mice.
My cats absolutely love this toy
Excellent, definitely recommend
Our cat goes mad for the mouse toy. We bought one as part of a set of three others last year but even though we've given him others since then he still returns to the mouse so this year we ordered 3 mice on the 3 for £12 offer. I've not yet found another toy which he likes so much!
Catnip Cat Toy
My cat always loves these and can't wait to get them out of the package. She plays with them for months and usually manages to pull off an ear or the tail!
Coco loved it !!
Our Coco loved it, he smells, bites, licks, rubs agAinst his face, he plays a lot :)
Catmint mice
Thank you for your prompt service and also for what looked suspiciously like a note from your goodselves written by a real person.
A happy cat
My cat loves these toys and it's hilarious to watch his reaction when he has a new one. They seem to give him comfort too and I always send one to the cattery with him when we go away. Fast delivery, thanks.
Catnip mouse
These are the best catnip toys you can buy. The mouse is attractive to humans being colourful and fun, but my cat LOVES it !
Catnip mouse
My son gave one of your mice to my new cat. He loved it so much I had to buy another. He won't have anything else there must be a magic ingredient.
Catnip Mouse Cat Toy
This product never disappoints my furry friends. They absolutely love these catnip mice and go crazy from the second I start opening the packet.
Review of product.
Excellent product and speedy delivery.
Catnip toys
Ordering was simple and the goods arrived quickly even though it was over the Xmas holidays. The mouse and rabbit catnip toys are very well made and the cats loved them. I will definately order from this site again.
Best Catnip Mouse
Bought one of these for a friend's two cats for Christmas and received a note back saying 'fabulous...they just won't leave it alone' This is just as I found with my three cats and their 2 mice and one rabbit, one of which is well over a year old now, chewed and battered to bits, but still hugely loved and played with everyday by its big soft tabby owner. Clearly these toys are simply irresistable to ALL cats, and excellent value for money too.
Excellent product
Thank you for the catnip toy, my cat Sky loves them and thinks they are puurfect :)
Catnip toy - mouse cat toy
These catnip toys are the best ones on the market. They are the only ones my cat will take an interest in! Packaging and delivery were very good.
Brilliant product
My cats love these toys and play with them and cuddle them. Unfortunately, cats don't understand fair shares and they occasionally cause sulking when one manages to hog them all.
cat nip toy
The cats I bought these or are all very grateful and have had hours of play already. I have one cat. The rest went to his friends and their owners who were impressed. However it may be left to them to purchase them in future from you!! If they ask I'll give them your details willingly. Many thanks for your prompt service - I received them in the post before Christmas which was amazing - I thought I'd left it too late - so thanks for saving the day.
Review of catnip mouse toy
As ever, my cat loved her new catnip mouse toy and continues to bite and lick it to death. This is the best Class A nip I have come across!
Catnip Mouse
Very pleased. My rescue cat, Flower, is still learning to play but even she showed interest in it!
The cats thoroghly enjoyed the mice. A perfect replacement for the Culpepper experience.
I was given two of these toys for my cats last Christmas and they went completely bonkers about them! So I decided to buy two more. They arrived really quickly, lovely hand written note on the delivery note and the cats are in ecstasy mode again. Thank you!
great catnip toys
I have bought these toys as a treat for my cat(s), and friends' cats at christmas for the last 4 or 5 years or maybe longer. It has become a tradition now. They are the only catnip toys to really interest all cats withgout fail. The material and stitching are good and strong so take the attentions the cat wreak on them without breaking :o)
catnip toy mouse
I have bought my cat loads of catnip toys but these are the only ones she likes she licks them bites them chucks them in the air and lies on them it's a pleasure to watch her play with them and I have recommended them to my friends.
My cat loves them
My cat had one at xmas which she just loved so I decided to by more. I am taking one to a friends house on Saturday, they have a rather timid cat so it will be interesting to see how it responds.
Catnip mouse cat toy
Very happy with my purchase as usual. Ellie and Phi very happy. Thank you.
The best catnip mouse EVER
So delighted to have found these again - I used to buy them from Culpeppers. You are so fast in sending them to me, it's no trouble at all. And most importantly, my cats are in heaven!
Twirly's Treat
We received a gift just prior to Christmas from Whiskas as my husband registered our cat, Twirly, with them shortly after we got him nearly three years ago. His reaction to one of your Mouse Catnip Toys was incredible and instant - he played with it for hours and it managed to stay intact apart from eventually losing its ears (considering what he had put it through) we were amazed that it had not disintegrated at all. It was so well-constructed and has lasted for many weeks (it is still in use now) we decided to find out more about the toy and then purchased three more for Twirly to play with one at a time. We reckon they should last us for around 6 months or so, and then we will be purchasing some more for him. Most other catnip toys he has had have only held his interest for a short while, but these toys obviously are very well made and have loads of catnip in them. Thank you from one very happy cat and his two 'slaves'! (As you know, dogs have masters and cats have slaves!!!!)
A great buy
My 3 cats just love these catnip toys and go crazy for them! So pretty too.The best catnip toys I've ever bought
Feline fun
I adopted my cat Pookie just before Christmas and though very settled she had revealed little of her playful side. The Catnip mouse changed all that. She went crazy for it! It was so funny to watch her as she hugged and chewed the mouse then threw it about before pouncing and starting to wrestle it again. A knockout success as a toy even though it was sadly soggy at the end of the session. I will be ordering again.
Thank you for my recent order. I wanted to thank you for the excellent service and of course catnip products! My cats love them in a similar way to the amazing culpeper ones.
Incredibly Thankful!
I just wanted to say thank you very much for the prompt delivery of the catnip toys, and how *incredibly* thankful I am to have found you! Since the demise of Culpepers, my cats have been pining for their favourite catnip toys and gloomily toying with inferior models. I'm so pleased to be able to give them new toys!! Thanks once again - I will recommend you to all my cat-owning friends! Sara.
Cat Nirvana
These are amazing, my cats absolutely love them and even know when they have arrived in the envelope. Fantastic for a feline you want to treat to a nice present.
Catnip toy
Just as described. My two cats adore these. Thank you
best cat nip items
ive bought these cat nip toys over a number of years... and my two cats continue to adore them... they are the best cat nip toys i have ever purchased and give them hours of fun
Cats love them
Three very fussy cats will only play with your toys.
Marvellous mice
Our 4 cats all love these. They are so well loved that they are sodden within a few minutes.will certainly be buying again.
Catnip mice
Order received quickly, lovely packaging. The cats are very happy with the mice and started playing with them immediately. I firmly believe these are the best catnip products on the market.
Catnip Mouse Cat Toy
Gus and Saffy absolutely adore these catnip toys - they go crazy with delight when they get a new one. Brilliant product. Thank you from the three of us!
Great product & price with quick delivery too. Thank you
Best catnip toy ever!
My cat actually ripped open the packet to get to this toy. Wow, he just loves it! Best catnip toy I've ever bought him.
Catnip toys
These go into our cats' Christmas stockings every year and are great favorites. I feel as well that the service given by Natural Pet-Toy Company is first class in every way.
Just like Culpeper!
I mourned the passing of Culpeper as they had the only catnip toys my cat showed any interest in, but these Natural Pet toys have him rolling on the floor in delight. They arrived really quickly too.
Catnip toy mouse cat toy
Brilliant !!!
best cat toy ever
The best toy, my cats love them! I live in Canada but order them when I'm back in UK
Catnip Mouse
Chasing around the house
My furbabies love these products!
Awesome product as always!
Catnip Addict
A friend bought my cat one of these and 2 years ago and she still plays with it now, that's how good they are. I've bought from the site since and she always enjoys hunting and licking them. They make great Christmas presents too, if she doesn't sniff them out before then!
My cats had always loved the catnip toys available from Culpepper so was very pleased to find the original manufactures of aforesaid toys. These toys are amazing. All four of my cats had time of life and even clawed their way into recycling bag in kitchen to get to the cardboard packaging as that too full of catnip smell. I cannot recommend these toys enough - buy today!
Catnip mice
My cats go crazy over these lovely catnip mice!
Joy and contentment
The cats love these toys, which they've had before, responding to them straight away. They toss them around and chase them enthusiastically and then set to licking and nuzzling them.
Best catnip toy ever
These catnip toys are without a doubt the best on the market - our cats go crazy for them!! We are so pleased to have found them on the Internet again. Our cats even rub themselves all over the cardboard insert!
Excellent Service
Thank you so much for an excellent service. Toys arrived yesterday morning and made one poorly ginger cat very happy indeed.
Catnip toys
My babies loved these toys !! I can see that I am going to have to replace them quite soon based on the amount of use they are getting. Many thanks for selling them !
Like a thief in the night ...
Our cat loves these toys so much that we have to keep a constant supply ... mostly to replace the ones we have stolen by a neighbourhood cat that sneaks into our house at various times of the day ... We even caught him in our conservatory rolling around with one that had so much drool on it we sent him packing with his own toy ... (o;
Catnip Toy
I ordered 6 Catnip Toys, they arrived, and are packaged very nicely. They are Christmas presents for some rather nice cats. My own two cats have already caught the scent of the catnip, even though they are still in their packets!! I don't know whether I shall be able to keep theirs until Christmas!
Hours of Fun
Both I and my Cat would recommend this toy to any cat owner. Well made, well filled, and well used. Will certainly be buying more.
Quick delivery
At last we found somewhere that does catnip toys that our cat likes. Very quick delivery but maybe @ £4 each, a tad high on price.
Mouse cat toy
cat nip toys
Excellent speedy service - product was with us the next day as promised. Personal service with a note to us on the invoice.....appreciated. Hope that The Natural Pet Toy Company goes from deserved strength to strength! Easy to use web site too. One happy cat.
A cat with cat nip is a very happy cat !
Our cat absolutely loves these toys, we are so glad they are available again !! Our old fat cat Radley sadly passed away in the summer but whenever he had one of these toys he would dive about like a kitten, he used to keep us very entertained with his antics. And thankfully our younger cat Wilf seems to bring us fewer mice when he has these to play with, he chews and kicks and tosses them around for hours, they send him mental ha ha So pleased they are back, brilliant toy !!
All three of my cats love their catnip mouse toys! Please keep making them!
catnip toy
Thank you so much one very happy cat, so gald for email from you. Exellent service. I will be in contact soon.
Cats say thank you
I used to buy catnip toys from Culpeper as they were so much better than any others I had found. I bought these as they looked the same and fortunately the cats seem to love them just as much. I am relieved to still be able to buy them. They arrived within 24hrs - great service!
My cats LOVE them! They arrived yesterday and within 5 mins both my cats were in Kitty Heaven and zonked out on the floor :o) They have never been interested in any other catnip except for these mice. Will be buying again for sure. Thank You Natural Pet!
Cat nip mice
Fantastic cat toys. I haven't met a cat who doesn't love them. They are miles better than any other cat nip toys on the market!
mouse ears!
I am happy with the catnip mice but on one the ears came of very fast. I was pleased that they arrived quickly so that my cat could have a good time playing with them.
We are so happy!
We are so happy! We thought that when Culpeper closed, that was it for the best catnip mice in the world (no substitute accepted). You have saved Christmas for us, and removed the guilt that our owner was feeling every time she opened something wrapped in cellophane and looked at our expectant little faces. The wrapping is a very important part of the mouse as we like the crackly sound. She's telling all her cat owning friends about you now and a repeat order is coming soon.
catnip toys
My cats are loving them.
Catnip Mice
I think these are best catnip pet toys you can buy.
Catnip mouse toy
The cats really like this one, especially being able to swing it around by the tail. It stands up to much biting and rough play.
Cats are ecstatic!
I had such a good experience with ordering and receiving and more importantly the cats are ecstatic ... and very, very funny when they have the toys.
My cat loves them
They look the same as Culpeper toys and my cat goes crazy when he has a new one !
One happy cat
With Culpeper having disappeared I wondered if I would ever find another toy to keep my cat happy. The Natural Pet Toy Company have come up trumps. Excellent speedy service.
VERY fussy cat has given her approval
I am more than pleased to give feedback. I am spreading the word to all my friends that they can get this great product. Now my VERY fussy cat has given her approval, I will be ordering from you on a regular basis.
Mouse Cat Nip Toy
My cat loves her new cat nip toy and the delivery service was excellent arriving the next day.
Xmas gift
Ordered this for my cat as he loves them. Great service, ordered one day and received the next day.
Catnip toy
Excellent product, first class all-round service. Many thanks.
What a relief!
With the demise of Culpeper's I was looking at laundering and restuffing our much loved toys. Fortunately the Natural Pet Toy Company have come to the rescue and the furry fiends are contentedly washing their mice to pieces again. If anything these are bigger and better than Culpeper's version.
Mouse Shaped Cat-Nip Toy
All my cats love this - they rub their faces all over it and generally go a bit loopy.
A present for a dear cat
A lovely mouse just like the ones I used to buy from Culpepers. 17 year old cat very pleased with her present, rubbing her head on it and licking it ++! It was meant to be for Christmas but I couldn't resist letting her have it now!
Catnip mouse
Both my girls Ruby & Saffy have gone wild,brilliant product & excellent service, thanks
purrfect quality catnip toy mouse
I received a reply to my enquiry within an hour, excellent customer service. The order was despatched immediately and received in two days. My cats will vouch for the quality of the product - they absolutely love the catnip toy mouse - they opened the wrapping themselves!
catnip toys
Thank you so much, great to have these toys again. I was a bit worried that my cats may have got to the post before me! Excellent service.
catnip crackhead cat
Very prompt delivery and an ecstatic cat! She just loves these toys, has never shown any interest when I have bought her other catnip toys or products,these are simply the best!
Catnip Mice
These are a regular must have for our cats. They adore them but this batch have been kept well hidden until Christmas!
Self Service Cat
By the time I got in from work, my cat had got the packet from the letterbox, opened it and was happily chomping away on the catnip mouse. Some people just can't wait for christmas!
Mouse Toy
Loved the fabric choices very good quality.
Excellent purchase
I have ordered these catnip toys before. They are fabulous, all three of my cats are enthralled by them. Would definitely recommend!
Simply the best!
It takes a lot to excite my 10 year old Persian these days but she adores these catnip toys and they send her into an absolute frenzy of "purryness". Have tried other cat nip toys but these are most definitely the best. Just ordered another two for her Christmas stocking.
They're back!
They're back! My cat loves these as much as the Culpepper variety. Same ecstatic reaction! Overall : Easy ordering, Fast delivery. Thank you.
Mouse cat toy catnip
The cats love this product
Catnip toys
Our cats love these they go crazy Xmas morning always wait to get the new designs for Christmas
Was very impressed to receive such prompt service and thought how nice it was to have a hand written note. Made shopping on-line more of a personal experience. Am happy to give 5 stars. I have used this company before and would use it again.
Catnip Mouse
Excellent product. Pussy Cats love them.
catnip mouse
Much played with & drooled on!
Catnip toys
I have purchased several of these in the past - my 2 cats love them and play with them much longer than any other brand of catnip toy. This time I purchased extra ones to send off to the local Cat Shelter as a Christmas present for their rescued cats.
I was very impressed with the speed of service. Unfortunately my ungrateful cat does not seem to be interested in the catnip mouse!
Excellent Quality
I can only say that it drove our cat total crackers - so much so that he attacked the envelope it came in even before I'd opened it!! Superb and great fun to watch!
Catnip mouse review
Very prompt service. Product looks good. Hidden from cats until Christmas!
cat nip toy mouse
quick delivery very pleased cats love them
Catnip toys
These are great - used to get very similar ones from Culpeper and the cats are delighted that these are just as good! Ordering and delivery very smooth and efficient. Just have to keep them hidden till Christmas now..
Great product with fast delivery
Our cat really loves the catnip mice and is still playing with last year's Christmas present! Great product and communication with fast delivery.
thank you from my 2 cats!
Our 2 cats love these catnip toys. Excellent service from the company.
Catnip Toy- Mouse Cat Toy
Great service. Very nice product, beautifully made. Cats will not receive toys till Christmas, but if catnip toys are similar to last Culpepper product, they will be ecstatic!
Nothing Else Will Do
Our cat was devastated when the high street supply of these catnip toys was closed. Nothing else will do for our cats and so it was fantastic to find out that they are still available via the web. Our Cat's Christmas has been saved.
Catnip of highest quality.
Cats demand Catnip
Now we will have some peace over Christmas now the cats have something to occupy them. I am writing this review on behalf of them as neither of them are computer literate?
Catnip Toy - Mouse Cat Toy
Our cats used to love their Culpeper catnip mice, but these are no longer available and they weren't impressed with any of stop-gaps we have tried until now. The Natural Pet Toy mice have now been test-run by two cats and are being very much appreciated.
Thank you
Great service, thank you.
Catnip mouse cat toy
Excellent product- gave lots of pleasure to my cat
Sent as a gift
I ordered these toys as a Christmas present to go to the local Cats' Protection - I can't therefore vouch for these particular items but based on my own cat's long-time LOVE of her fishy I'd hope the shelter residents were equally satisfied!
Excellent service again!
Yet again I hae been delighted with the service from natural pet. Really quick delivery, of the only toys that my elderly cat still plays with. We are hoping to delight some friends cats for Christmas too.
Catnip mouse
Brilliant. Very good value for money as it lasts for months and is the best catnip toy I have come across.
The best cat nip mice in the world!
My name is Mr B and my specialist subject is cat nip mice. I am hoping that Father Christmas has put in an order for me as they are the best to dribble on, pounce on, play with and crash out on when I have finished!
best cat toys
These catnip toys are the best. Last year I heard some rustling and discovered that my cat had found his present under the tree and was busy opening it!
Catnip Toy - Mouse Cat Toy
I am saving this one for Christmas.
Catnip toys and aniseed bones
These are THE best catnip toys for cats, the catnip is so fresh the cats go mad over them - seventh heaven on Christmas Day. I bought the aniseed bone for my Mum's shi itsu last year and she adored it - so another one ordered this year in a fantastic stripey pattern. Good quality products, made in the UK, with quick delivery get my repeat business every year
I bought this one for my cat for Christmas. Impressed with the quality of the material and stitching. I know he'll have a lot of fun with it. Very pleased will definitely order again.
My cats are hooked!
I had bought these catnip toys before some years ago and my cats loved them. I thought I would give them another try, hoping that they were as good as last time. I was not disappointed - literally as soon as I opened the jiffy bag my cats were all over me, trying to get to the toys! Although they do like other catnip toys, I find the effect wears off very quickly. But these toys just last and last, and the cats love them to pieces. Literally! So glad I have rediscovered them.
Cat Nip toy - Charlie
Very quick and the cats are trying to break in to their stockings under the tree so must be good!
Excellent product and service - thank you and thanks from a happy cat also!
Catnip you
Bought these for my fur babies christmas present they go mad for them my house is full of them
Catnip mouse
No disappointments here!
The best catnip mice
My cat has a collection of Natural Pet Toy catnip mice. She loves them. We add to her collection every so often. They must keep their catnip smell for a long time as she still rolls around on even the oldest ones. A new catnip mouse is always an excuse to chew, suck, chase and roll, and it is obvious that it helps make her a happy cat.
Catnip Toy - Mouse Cat Toy
I have been buying these mouse cat toys for several years - my 4 cats absolutely love them.
Great to find these again
I've been on the lookout for these catnip products since Culpeper went out of business. My cat loves them and Christmas wouldn't have been the same without a catnip toy to play with on Christmas morning.
Excellent product and service!
I'd been looking for ages to find catnip cloth mice for my cats and finally found them! Service was prompt and am really pleased with the product ( and so are the cats!).
I have so missed "Culpepper" catnip toys!!!!
Can't tell you how pleased I was to find these again: we are so looking forward to Kaspar and Pina, and their "cousins"" Lucy. Flash and Gerrard opening their "presents" this year. They are brilliant and the material turns green if there isn't a whole ripped in it first!!!
Ziggy and Willow
Our two cats Ziggy and Willow went ballistic when they got their cat nip mouse's - to the extent that we have so far had to do running repairs to Willows cat nip mouse as she has chewed the end of the mouse in her ecstatic fun with it. We had forgotten just how much our cats love these brilliant toys. Many thanks.
Mouse Cat Toy
Yours are the only catnip toys my cat will react to and get pleasure from.
Cats' Christmas Presents
I have bought very similar items from Culpeper for many years. These certainly seem to compare very favourably to those I have had in the past.
Catnip Mouse and Rabbit
The cats first of all tried to break open the envelope when it arrived in the post,so we knew these toys were going to be wanted! We wrapped the toys - one for each cat - in tissue paper, and gave one to each cat on Christmas day - result two very happy cats, and very pleased owners!
Catnip mice.
Excellent service! I ordered at about 4.30 pmon the last day for Christmas delivery so didn't really expect them until after Christmas. They arrived the next morning and my cat is very pleased! Thank you very much.
natural toys for cats
my cats go crazy over these toys we buy them every christmas for them
They arrived very quickly and very nicely packaged. My kitten soon located the envelope!
well worth the money
Cat nip mice
They must be good, even though I thought I had them well hidden, he found them!
Catnip frenzy!
My cats love these catnip toys, wonderful product and really fast delivery.
my cats immediatly went into a state of ecstasy with their christmas present and were on the scent even before they were unwrapped. Quietest christmas day - no turkey ambushing as both too stoned! Very pleased and super service too.
Catnip Toy - Mouse Cat Toy
Ah, so this one's for my sister then?
Fantastic toy, so glad you have set up a website since culpeppers shut down. Cats absolutely love them!
Fabulous product, amazing service
Amazing product our cats love these toys and very pungent catnip.....drives them crazy and they love the, very much.......
Catty joy
He loves it, well stuffed and he loves the tail :)
Wow! Full strength catnip at a great price.
Have been buying these for years. They get played with so much the catnip breaks down but they are still potent. I buy these for friends cats too and they are amazed at the reactions from their cats. So many of the pet shop varieties are unpackaged and have no smell to me. The packaging with these toys makes another toy for later. I challenge any owner who says their cat is not bothered about catnip to try these. Excellent quality, a very reasonable price and you can't put a value on your cat's reaction.
Cats choice
The cat unpacked the envelope and helped him self to the mouse.
Cat Heaven
I have been buying these for my cats for some time now and they love them!!! I always keep a stock as I would not be forgiven if we were ever to run out.
9 cats, 3 catnip mice!
Might need some more! My cats go wild for the catnip mice and I can't buy them quick enough.
The cats just LOVE them!,
These mice are just brilliant, our cats love them. Thank you for the prompt delivery.
My 2 cats go mad for these toys.They maybe more expensive than some toys on the High Street but these last for ages and my cats never get tired of them. Only warning is that they do get rather soggy where they are dribbled all over and licked by a very happy cat!
Catnip Mouse
My mother's rather elderly cat loved this, they are as good as the old culpepper mice
thank you
I would just like to thank you for the cat nip toys I have just purchased from you. I have been searching the Internet for this product since Culpeper stopped trading and could not believe it when I saw your feature in Your Cat magazine. My Maine coon and older cat are having great fun with them and I am sure I will be purchasing many more in the future.
Perennial favourite
These are the best cat toys on the market according to a household of three discerning cats and their much missed predecessors. Even after the initial euphoria wears off they are still carried around the house and played with for months!
catnip toys
Always buy these special catnip toys. Zip and Wispa love them. Chew them, play with them and lick them to death! No other toy will do.
A definite winner with the feline family will buy more
Catnip Mouse cat toy
My cats love these toys and almost rip the packaging open as they know what is inside. The cat nip completely chills them out and three tigers turn to cuddly pussy cats once more.
Our four cats love this catnip, no other catnip compares. I am so glad I can still buy it. They are lovely colours and love the new addition of the rabbit catnip
I purchased a catnip toy for Frank as he last had a Culpeper cat toy and nothing I tried came close to that. So I was delighted to see that he absolutely loved it. He seems to like licking it and rubbing it on his head. This toy is every bit as good as his old one. The proof is in the soggy wet toy :-)
Catnip mouse
Slightly more expensive than most catnip toys. But saying that, they last a long time. We bought these new ones because the old ones became tatty. But they lasted for over 2 years ! All the other toys last a couple of months, at best. Just see how your cat reacts to these toys, they go mad for them !
cat nip toy
thank you very much i am delighted with the product
Well gone whoopie cats.
I have never experienced such a dramatic effect from catnip as from your mice. I just wish it had the same effect on me. Despite prolonged and dedicated chewing they are still holding together well. Excellent product.
Brilliant Service!
Having previously bought these catnip toys for my parent's cats, I decided to buy some for my 2 cats Roxie & Bella's 1st birthday! I bought them online one day and they toys were delivered the next day! Brilliant Service and I'll be sure to recommend to others.
If you love your pet show him you care
Mourning York shop (Culpeper) hunted internet for stock to no avail - experience taught other toys didn't "cut the mustard" re disearning pets. I reserved judgement as looked the same but did they envoke the same hold over my boys. Opened released mouse & hurled himself & rolled around licking noisily so now resembles much loved well worn friend. Continually carried upstairs nightly accompanied on bed to curl up-to. Will return once boys save up pennies.
Catnip Mouse Toy
Absolutely fabulous product - Poosies are in poosie heaven playing with their new mouse catnip toys! So glad to have found this very friendly and helpful company after the closure of Culpepper. Thank you for your excellent customer service and we look forward to buying from you again soon.
Simply the best
My cats go nuts for these - simply the best catnip toys around. I bought some to give away too, but I may just keep them all...
Catnip Toy
My cats absolutely loved the catnip mouse toys so funny watching them play with them so a big thank you from Holly and Molly
My cat went crazy and loves this - good purchase
quick deli9vand different colour mice good quick delivery and different colour mice good
Great catnip mice
Brilliant mice, the cats love them, Dolly the kitten hasn't really got it yet but she will. Super fast delivery and got the patterned ones I wanted. Thanks
Fab item my 5 boys absolutely love them best catnip toys ever!
catnip mice
Been a while since we had some good catnip in the house - our two cats are totally hyper/ chilled and demanding munchies. Prompt attentive delivery 10/10
Very happy
Very happy with this purchase. My cat loves it. I love the style and I will definitely be buying from you again. Also very prompt delivery.
Fantastic catnip mice and fantastic service
I was delighted to find this great website selling these catnip toys, as they are identical to ones I've had in the past, which are no longer available from other companies. My cat pretty much ignores other catnip toys, but goes absolutely bonkers for these! Definitely recommended! I particularly appreciated the hand-written note from Debbie on my invoice too - a nice personal touch :)
This one is the best. Having the long tail my boy throws it up and catches it, it appears all over the house where he hides it from his sister. His favourite by far!
Catnip Toys - Drive Them Wild
My new Siamese boys (10.5 years old), who had bee rescued deserves some lovely new toys. Just a shame Harry ripped two of the three apart within two days. I knew it wasn't going well when the wing came off the bird within 30 seconds.
Couldn't be better!!!
I have tried and tested so many cat nip products! But pusscats only likes, no loves the mice from here! It's a pleasure to watch her with them. I couldn't possibly recommend them high enough! Genius product and well worth the money!
Catnip toys
My two cats one moggie and one Bengal love these toys. They lick them, chew them then kill them. They spend hours having fun. It is a treat to watch them with your catnip toys. thank you
Cats loved it catnip toy
Cats loved this toy, I have had stronger cat nip toys buts it is certainlyl one of the best and I will be ordering again
Catnip Toy - Mouse Cat Toy
Definitely a must - the ultimate cat toy! I have five cats,and started buying catnip mice a long time ago when Culpeper was in existence. "Shock Horror",where would I get such high quality cat nip toys now? Never fear the "Natural Pet Toy Company" to the rescue! They really are worth every penny,especially when you see your little fur babies gumming,licking and pawing them to death! 10 out of 10. Well done "Natural Pet Toy Company" and thank you for offering your customers some worthwhile offers.
Catnip Mouse - Fab
My little Stella loved her toy and now sleeps with her head resting on it, aahh. Thank you for a great service.
Catnip Mouses
Outstanding product. ALL the neighbourhood cats are hooked!
Great toy
Have to tear the ears off before I give to my cat but otherwise, fabulous :)
Catnip Toy - Mouse Toy
Great service once again, many thanks to you all.
Really quick delivery, our cats went crazy for them! :)
A firm favourite
Our cat Phoebe (16) loves these toys. She tosses them around and rubs her face over them until they are sopping wet.
catnip mouse toy
I have not used this toy as yet, but am sure my cat will just love it
String Tail problem
A really good product with the one disadvantage that the tails can be chewed off and swallowed if one is not keeping a close eye on the cat!
Cat's love it
In the past I have bought inferior catnip toys that the cats have been unable to smell. However, they go wild over these toys. Thanks from Minky, Frankie and Mittens.
Mine own cats and the foster cats all love them
Catnip Mouse Cat Toy
Well made, and our cat loves them!
catnip mouse
My cat has not stopped licking and dribbling all over his favourite mouse. I have bought these toys before and haven't been let down yet!
Cat satisfaction
My two cats, my neighbours' three cats, rely on your catnip toys for year-round pleasure. Whenever I visit cat households I take one or two to spread the word.
Hours of pleasure!
I love to see the delight in our cats' reactions to their Natural Pet catnip toys. They roll around, rub them against their faces, and eventually lie there blissed out! And they go back to them time and time again. Such a lot of pleasure for a fairly small amount of money, thank you.
This is a lovely toy. My kitten enjoys playing with it. She has decided to eat the tail but this doesn't affect the look or her enjoyment. The toy is well made and arrived fast.
The cats went mad when I gave them one of these rubbing their face on it and playing with it, thanks.
The best
Best catnip toys ever
Always a pleasure to come back and do business with your company. Products are always despatched in a timely and efficient manner and with a personalised message. Our orders will never be huge but it seems they are never insignificant to your company. Our cat is always happy - you are the only providers of this excellent product. Maybe a change in material pattern?
Excellent product and service
Arthur loves his new toy. He had great fun hunting it and then laid on it, purring contentedly.
Life's Better!
Have just ordered some more toys for my cats Molly and Mimi who I got as rescue kittens 6 months ago. The toys were a big factor in making them decide that life wasn't so bad and maybe they didn't really want to live behind the washing machine for ever! Molly likes to bring them upstairs to bed with her!
my cat loves it
have ordered before, my cat loves them
Toys for Bacardi & Cola
A most efficient service. The toys are loved by my two cats.
Catnip toys
I am writing on behalf of our elderly cat Sheba who is too busy playing with her new toy to reply personally. However, as one of her humans who has been tasked with the job of replying on her behalf, I can say that she is pleased both with the product and the service. Your catnip toys are definitely her favourite. They are sturdy and long lasting.
Cat Heaven!
I always have catnip toys for my cats, but they really love these more than any I've bought in the past. They fall asleep holding them! I paid more for these, but they are far superior and worth the extra money.
Catnip Toys
I used to purchase these from Culpeppers. All my cats and my friends cats love them. Because they are made in a cotton material they can be easily torn by eager cats. I think they would be better manufactured in a slightly stronger material.
Cat Nip Toy Mouse
2nd time I have purchased this item for our cat. She has not stopped playing with it since it was given to her this morning!!!
Cats love them!
As soon as I unwrapped them the cats were all over them! They absolutely love them! I ordered the mice and the ears came off immediately which was a shame but not a problem really. I've bought the mice from you before and I know how well they last, they're the best I've found
The best
Henry loves his mouse, great quality and value
Quality Catnip
My cat loves this toy soooo much - the catnip smell is nice and strong.
My cat ADORES these
My cat (& so many others I have bought these for) just ADORES these toys. I like how the cat will enjoy an initial frenzy when the toy is unwrapped, walking away after 20-30mins before enjoying the toy anew time and time again. You do have to replace them after a while (especially if your cat dribbles on them - as some do) but they are a great investment. I always take one to anyone I visit who owns cats, they make a great gift and it's helpful to cats to lose themselves in play from time to time. Cats can suffer from stress and boredom (even though we think they have charmed lives!) and it's so good to see them really enjoy themselves. The toys also seem very sturdy - despite some thorough testing of the seams by the recipients - I've never yet seen one come apart although I'm always vigilant (& would encourage everyone else to be the same) as if the toy does get ripped open, it should, of course, be taken away and discarded. As you can probably tell from this review, I thoroughly recommend these toys. My cat takes little notice of any other catnip goods but just loves these.
Best Catnip Mice
The only catnip mice that have ever held my cats interest, if you have more than one cat it's best to buy them one each!
Catnip toys
My cats love these catnip toys!
Catnip Toy
My cats absolutely went mad for this, even the packaging was rolled on! So pleased to have found you, as missing Culpepper The Herbalist where I used to buy a similar toy.
Our cats love it!
Arrived promptly and the cats just love it. Thank you! :-)
Happy cats!
My three cats were very happy with their catnip mice toys. Thank-you very much
Wow! My cat really loves this. I wish I had bought one before! I was amazed how quick it arrived - ordered on Monday and delivered on Tuesday - Brilliant.
Purchased a few of these now, for my 11yr old cat, a 5yr old cat and two kittens. All loved it within moments. The 11yr old plays with it every day, previously had a Culpeper one which he adored. So glad I found this website. Delivery was quick.
Catnip heaven
My kitty cats absolutely adore these products. They go mad for them and are kept enterained for hours! Brilliant purchase.
The best catnip toys
My cats go absolutely wild over these toys and this time I had to buy 9 so that they had one each and didn't have to fight over them.
Excellent product and service
I, like other reviewers, had been looking for a replacement to Culpeper catnip toys. Our cats loved them and the delivery was super fast. Would definitely recommend.
Wonderful service and great products
Very friendly and personal service - I ordered 2 catnip mice and needed them within 48 hours and they arrived on time. My cat adores these and will lick and lick them until there is almost nothing left!
Catnip mouse
My cat Molly loves these she becomes quite kittenish despite her 12 years and plays with them then cuddles up and sleeps with them ---great product
Catnip Mouse Toy
Have tried other handmade catnip mice but nothing compares to these. My older cat wont leave them alone until there soaking wet. By far the best toys for both price & enjoyment.
Catnip toys
My cats love these. Even bought one for the neighbour's cat. Great service, practically by return of post. Well done. Will use this site again.
Smelly mice
I have been buying these mice for years. My cat currently has a collection of about eight of them, some a couple of years old. They must still smell as she loves rolling on her pile of smelly mice (that's the name we give them). We usually get several at a time so we can get a fresh one out every few weeks. The best catnip mice ever, my cat does not like any other brand.
I have been searching for these incredilbe cat toys since Culpepers - the retail outlet - went into administration. Now I have found the company that produced them for Culpepers and my pleasure is only exceeded by that of my cats. The drooling, the purring, the batty behaviour - it's all back again. Do not buy any other cat nip product - it's a waste of time compared to these soft, fabric mice and fish. They really are a ten out of ten.
Catnip heaven!
Great product, great service, happy cat!
catnip mouse
My complaint is my cats adore them so much they lick them so they are soggy and toss them around they end up flat! They are thick to start with so i have to buy more!!!!
Excellent as always!
Happy cats rolling about on the floor with their legs in the air!!!!
Very quick delivery and my cat goes crazy over these toys :-)
Toys arrived within a couple of days of ordering and nicely packaged. My ragdoll cats absolutely loved them.
The best catnip toys on the planet. My boys and my friend’s cat adore them
Sarah Norcliffe
I have always bought these mice for our own cats and for the last couple of years also bought them for our friends and neighbours cats - without fail all the cats loved them and the owners have had great enjoyment watching them `space out' Great customer service - received promptly

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