Catnip Toys - Mis-Shape Bundle Of 2 Toys


Our catnip toys for cats are adored by felines everywhere! Sometimes when making our toys things can go a little amiss and we end up with a mis-shaped toy. Although these toys are still packed full of premium catnip they can look a little bit wonky! However, they still have hours of fun in them for your cat. We've packed these toys up into bundles of 2 and are offering them to you at the bargain price of just £3.50 per pack!

Offer only available whilst stocks last!

Please note we cannot guarantee the shape or fabric selection you will receive. Some toys may have small flaws in the fabric or loose stitching. The toys are packed in a bundle of 2 and wrapped in cellophane wrap. The toys are marked to note that they are seconds quality.

These items are excluded from our no quibble guarantee and we are unable to accept returns on them.

Customer Reviews
These are the only catnip toys my three cats will play with! Even our Shih Tzu likes them. They all highly recommend them!
Fantastic and great value
My cats love these toys but destroy them very quickly, so these bargain bundles are a great way to keep them happy. Despite being advertised as mis-shape they still look great and are adored by my feline friends
catnip toys
Excellent as always, they are the only cat toys worth buying. I have a neighbour who's cat visits us regularly. Not to see us but to play with your cat toys.when he's finished playing he take one home with him. That's why we now buy them in bulk.!!
Oh yes!!!
As usual Coco has sniffed them out as the post drops to the floor. Yes you got it! Coco is our sniffer cat. He's found his fix.....I fight to open the envelope as he merges his head into the envelope. Out pops his head with bulging eyes and a very happy look on his face. Dreweling! That's just the packaging not even the toys! Wow!
Catnip toys
Excellent service as always. My cat, Arthur, loves these toys, he not only plays with them but uses them as a soother and sleeps with his head on them.
I love this company (and so does my Polly my cat!)
The natural pet toy company are great - lovely products, great speedy dispatch and delivery. I always buy their little catnip toys for my cat and as Christmas presents for all my friends with cats too - highly recommended :)
mis shapen bundle of 3 toys
These items which were sold cheaply as they were misshapen have proved a source of avid enjoyment for all of my 5 cats at different times. My 20 year old sleeps with one while my 8 yr old and kitten attack them with the ferocity you would expect to be shown to superior catmint.The 2 Persian girls have a gentile play with them when they think no one is looking. Takes a lot to get these girls going. So everyone is happy.
Catnip Toys - Mis-Shape Bundle of 3 Toys
Absolutely superb! Pussy cats are so happy and rolling around with their toys in sheer delight. Fantastic bargain at this price. No difference to the full-priced versions (especially after a few minutes chewing!) Unbelievable value for such cat happiness. Once again,thank you so much.
Catnip toys
My cat loves these toys,has never taken to any others. Must be something special in them. He is six and I adopted him nine months ago.One of your catnip mice was his first gift from my son.
Great Product
My cats love these as they have good quality catnip in them. My two year old plays withevery thing but Rosie my 5 year old seldom does but these are the exception. It was lovely to watch her play with them day after day.
Catnip Mis Shape Toys
They Look Just Same As The Normal Toys my Cats Love Them . Excellent Thankyou From Bonnie And Buster .
Cat nip toys
What a bargain, the cats love them and they don't know they are mis-shaped!
Off-cuts and misshapes
The three toys arrived quickly. They were not that different to the first-rate toys I have bought in the past. My cat couldn't care less about the differences.
Heaven for cats
My cats love this product it drives them wild they ignore other products with cat nip in it i assume that is due to the quality and freshness of the cat nip used. I and my cats reccomend the natural pet toy company it gives them hours of pleasure.
All your catnip toys are loved by my cats whether they are mis-shaped or not. Your catnip is amazing.
Mis- shapes
Huge success with my furries as usual and they have not commented on the mis-shapes!
The Cat loved them!
My cat is not interested in the shape, only in the catnip, so she absolutely loved these toys, and so did my wallet
Catnip Rabbits
Excellent as always from prompt delivery to the little catnip rabbits themselves (cant really see why they were mis-shapes??) Good communication throughout. Most importantly, gave ENORMOUS joy to three felines - one was given as a present to an elderly cat and it put a spring in her paw. Many thanks!
Cat Heaven!
These misshapes are a brilliant bargain. They contain exactly the same high quality catnip as the regular catnip items and my cats certainly aren't fussy about whether or not it looks like rabbit or a fish. They arrived very quickly,too and were swiftly seized by eager paws. An all-round success.
My cat adored these as he usually does the non-mis-shaped ones!
Cat toy
My 3 cats love these catnip toys they are a favourite plaything
Catnip toys
Excellent service and a very good price. Cats don't know the difference between toys that are perfectly made or not.
Catnip Toys
My cat loves these toys. I left one in his bed for comfort when he was feeling under the weather. He licked it and it cheered him up. Very good value for money!
cat nip toys
Very good service
Catnip Toys - Mis-Shape Bundle of 3 Toys
Good value for money and absolutely loved by my cats !!
Catnip toys
Great toys for cats! My cat loves them and looks forward to a new one every now and then, although he will 'attack' the old ones for weeks on end quite happily . Thank you .
catnip bundle
Hello, thank you for the recent delivery of catnip toys. My boys loved them and haven't noticed that they were in the shape of bunnies. As soon as the jiffy envelope arrived I had all 3 of them meowing for me to open it up and share the tots with them. As always your product is very special! Thank you.
Buster loves these toys and even Tiger had a play (she's usually too posh!), great value.
Catnip toys Mis shapes
Excellent value for money. Received tiemously. Always a good product and service
Catnip joy
My two cats and loads of their friends really love your catnip toys. We have even sent some around the world. Everyone we introduce to them loves them.
great cat treat
Always a winner for my cats and friends cats, they go mad for them and the smell remains strong for quite a while.
Very happy cats!
My cats love these catnip toys, from the moment the envelope lands on the door mat the excitement begins! If I don't open it quick enough the postage envelope gets pushed round the floor! My cats can't get enough. Thanks for making my cats happy will always order more great product.
Cat toys
Mis shape catnip toys good value as only half price. Cats don't care what shape they are so strongly recommend the product. Hope you have more soon.
Catnip toy - Mis-Shape Bundle
Looked fine to me and the cats still loved them
Catnip bunnies
These are really good value. They don't look like seconds! My cat still loves them!
catnip animals
The catnip toys are always a massive hit in our house and with friends' and family cats. Always a very popular Christmas pressie. My only request - is there any fabric out there that doesn't change to disgusting grey after ten minutes of cat spit!
Great hit
As good as the real thing!
Wouldn't have known they were misshapes
Excellent catnip toys. Cats went beserk over them (in a good way!)- only way I could tell they were 'rejects' was the marker pen dot on them!
Cat Nip Mishapen
Excellent product as always
Reliable and efficient
I have ordered from this company many times and each time my order is received well packaged and within a few days with a personalised thank you. Happy to recommend.
Catnip toys
These toys instantly calm my rescue cats down when playing with them. These toys are natural and remain effective until they are worn out by the cats rubbing their head on the toy. I have bought them for friends whom are impressed, no lack og interest from their pets. A successful purchase.
love the wrapping and some great toys, ideal for a cat birthday present

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