Catnip Rabbit Cat Toy


Our catnip cat toys are a real delight for your cat! This lovely rabbit catnip toy will keep your feline happy for hours on end. Filled only with natural catnip herb that is sewn into a pure cotton outer. Our cute catnip bunny toys even have beautiful bob tails!

Size: This cat toy measures 12cm x 9cm (approx).

Designed in Bristol, England.

If you require a particular pattern please contact us and we will endeavour to meet your requirements.

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Customer Reviews
I have happy cats again
all my cats have always loved culpeper toys & it was a very sad day when they could not get them anymore. I cannot tell you how happy I am that they are back you have just made mine & my cats christmas.
My cats go mad for your toys!
My cats go mad for your toys. They start off throwing them then lick them until they're soaking wet and you can really smell the catnip. Then they chew them and try to rip them apart. I don't buy any other catnip toys anymore as they don't come close to yours. I'd rather get them something I know they'll love than waste my money on garish plastic things that rattle. Every so often we find an old one hidden away and they lick it to reinvigorate the catnip and off they go again. So funny to watch then get so happy and stupid. With 6 cats I have my own test team and EVERY one of them loves these . I just need to get to the postie before he puts them through the letter box! Thanks for making them. x
You can't go wrong
Another favourite.
Rabbit Cat Toy
Very colourful. These catnip toys are always well received by Mr Cat. Definitely his favourite supplier. Excellent service as usual.
Millie is a Happy cat again Thank you
My cat loves these and they are well worth the money unlike other cat toys that she gets and plays with for a day or two and then never looks at again, she goes back day after day for months to these ones. I have recomended these to all my friends..
Cats love it
My cats love this and they make great presents for friends and families cats to.
The best catnip toys
I defy a cat not to go crazy for these toys. One of mine is already trying to get in through the padded envelope, but he's got to wait until Christmas! I'm very pleased to have found these, which are clearly the same as those I previously got from Culpeper, which have been their favourite cat nip toys for years. I've bought one for all the neighbours' cats too, as one of them is always trying to get into our house and makes a beeline for my boys' toys. I just wish you'd bring back the old Christmas stocking design, several of which I still have from the 1990s, but they're still going strong. Rabbit's a new shape for us.
Catnip Toy
Outstanding product. Local cats all in agreement....4 paws in the air each for approval.
Rabbit toy
Excellent! Cats loved them, they've been thrown about and chewed a lot but still being played with.
Cats love it, it has been carried all over the house and licked into a soppy mess lol!!
Yesss!!! The Catnip works
Purrfect. Better than Culpeper's. See my full review under the Mouse Cat Toy.
My cats love them, the best cat toy on the market. Very prompt service
Really happy with the postage time and the item
Really happy with the postage time and the item, glad we could find these again after the retailer we purchased them from in York went under! Top drawer service! This is going to make three cats very happy at Christmas!!!
Catnip Toys
I bought some catnip toys for my cat for Christmas, they have arrived and are great. The service from The Natural Pet Toy Company was brilliant, the products came the next day. Very pleased and will definitely buy from this company again.
Catnip Rabbit
Natural Pet Toy Company catnip rabbits have been given a 5-star approval rating by the pussies (who smelt them as soon as the parcel arrived). We are keeping the rabbits for Christmas as they have already opened some of their mice! Excellent service. Thanks.
My cats love these cat toys!
My cats absolutely adore these cat toys and I was upset when I could no longer get them from my previous stockist. I have to say the Natural Pet Toy Company is fantastic - I put my order in last Thursday and they arrived the very next day. Very prompt service :)
Cat nip calm
Harry helps himself to his toy from his toy basket and then carries it around with him occasionally stopping to rub his head against it, then carrying on. We have had to buy one for all our neighbouring cats to prevent a massive feline punch up!
Good excercise for mature cats!
Bought 9 catnip bird, fish & bunny toys one day & they all arrived the next day. My aging mog loves them to bits, as do next-door's much younger felines! Top-notch cat nip, but I wish the fabric was made of sturdier material as my cat chomps through them within 10 minutes max, and at 4.00 a shot, this is not a cheap treat.
Rabbit cat toy
Excellent - cats loved them.
cat nip toys
Brilliant just like the ones I could buy at Culpeppers, which my cats loved these are the same, have ordered for friends.
Rabbit cat toy
Bought two of these and both of my cats love them as much as the Culpeppers ones! I've given all of the catnip toys, I bought 5, excellent ratings because I'm sure, as they all have the same catnip in them, they will be dribbled over as much as the rabbit ones. I'm very pleased I found you 'natural pet toy company' !!
a buzz for my tabs
Out of all the shapes my tabby cat loves the rabbit one have put the new one away for Xmas.
Catnip toy
These are the best toys for cats, they give them hours of pleasure.....thouroughly recomend them. And the item was posted and received in super quick time.
Catnip toys
Excellent. Our cats love them and have sent some of them as presents to their feline friends - who concur.
Bibby the rib tickler loves it :-)
Cat nip toys
My cat and all my friends cats love them all. The best toys ever!
Like the old days
My cats were a fan of these (or similar) toys from Culpepper, now gone under. Was told these were so good that they might have been from the actual supplier. My two cats opened the post while I was at work. Yep, they as good.
Rabbit cat toy
The toy is beautiful. I'm sure my cat, Suki will love it on Christmas Day :)
Catnip Toy - Rabbit Cat Toy
A huge success....
I have purchased these cat toys previously and my cats absolutely love them. The process was easy and all arrived safe and sound very quickly. Thanks
So glad to have located your company, we have been giving our cats these catnips for years and they love them. Frequent order updates and good service, many thanks
Great Present for my cat
Used to get these from the Culpeper shop in Covent Garden so really glad to find a company offering them online. She goes crazy for them and it's such fun to watch her with them.
Cats love them!
Excellent service & the best cat toys on the market
Catnip Toy - Rabbit Cat Toy
Excellent. These cat nip toys are the only ones our cats REALLY enjoy!
Catnip toy
The cat LOVES her toy.
Catnip rabbit toy
The cats love them! On receipt the cats spent 30 mins licking each to death. Toys good quality
Cat nip rabbit - unwrap that package
My brothers cat Samuel was in for a treat. After leaving the rabbit still wrapped up in the packaging on the coffee table in the evening by morning the rabbit was out and being hugged and slobbered over! He couldn't wait to get at it.
Brilliant service!
Delivered the next day with handwritten note - great service! As usual, VERY popular with my cat!!
Bobby's Catnip Rabbit
I couldn't get it opened quick enough - the smell was clearly driving him wild once I opened the envelope. The rabbit must have been really dirty as he washed it for about half an hour (it was drenched). He then proceeded to roll on his back with his legs in the air much to Munchie's disgust. She wasn't impressed at his antics!
Rabbit Catnip Toy
My cat loves the rabbits, good quality, well made and he gets hours worth of enjoyment. Better value than the fish toy, as it appears to contain more catnip which makes it more substantial and the catnip smell is stronger too. Thank you!
Not as 'scented' as previous purchases
My 2 cats love the catnip fish but I thought for a change (and to tell old from new) I'd buy rabbits this time. They don't seem as scented (to my human nose) and they aren't savaging them to the same degree as usual. Perhaps they prefer fish to rabbit (they're not that intelligent) I don't know. I have 2 spare, will try those in a few weeks and see if they prefer them. TNPTC comment - some of our customers do believe that their cats can tell the difference and have a preference between the shapes! Both the fish and rabbit shapes were manufactured at the same time using the same catnip herb, so should be of identical quality. We have contacted this customer and issued some fishy replacements.
Catnip Rabbit Toy
My Ragdoll, Meg, absolutely loves these. She sits on them, rolls around on them, licks them & dare you just try to take them off her! x
Catnip toy (Rabbit)
Very pleased with the products as we have used them before my cats are always playing with them. Very happy with the quick delivery. 10/10 in my experience will certainly use you again.
Always loved
I was so pleased to receive your email about these cat toys - I have been buying them for many years from Culpeper and when they went out of business I couldn't find anything that my cats liked as much. Thank you so much for getting in touch.
My cats all adore these toys. One washes the toy, one bunny kicks hers, one gathers all the toys together and sits on them and one rolls around on it. All 4 of them drool in a most disgusting fashion on their toys. I think they're definitely a hit!!!
catnip toy
Cat is well pleased with her present
Simply the Best
These are definitely the best catnip toys around and the only ones my cat pays any attention to.
Catnip toys
I was very impressed with the service, I ordered multiple toys on a Bank holiday Monday and they arrived on the Wednesday of the same week. And my cats love them. Even people who say their cats don't like catnip are surprised when they give their cats these ones. They are the best I've found and I do periodic orders for all the cat people I know.
Plenty of catnip inside rabbits all the cats I buy them for go wild and in the end there is just a soggy piece of material where they have enjoyed them so much.
The cats love these cat nip toys and I have never found anything more popular with them.
Catnip Toy
Super! 2 happy cats
catnip toy
my cats adore these toys
Catnip Mouse and Rabbit
Our Birman kitten is delighted with her mouse and rabbit. They are just like the Culpeper toys I used to buy. Excellent service and speedy delivery - thank you.
Great Service
Lovely website to buy cat toys. I ordered the catnip bunny for a catnip-loving cat and he highly recommends it! I appreciated the speedy delivery and although a specific choice of design could not be guaranteed, I was impressed that my first choice could be met. I am happy to recommend this website and I will definitely be visiting it again.
she loves it
I don't know how these are different to other cat nip toys, all I can say is that these are the only ones that my cat likes. She licks it to death and dribbles everywhere - revolting but fab to see her having such a great time!
Catnip toys
Excellent delivery time and perfect present for my cats!
Rabbit cat toy
Ditto bird cat toy
Spoil your pussy
My little girls (Hannah & Tora) go wild for all the variants of these toys. Birthdays, Christmas and all the times in between can't come fast enough for them - and me. Also, for me, there's always a handwritten message on the delivery note thanking me for my order. Shame on Amazon for not doing the same! ;-) It's a nice touch from The Natural Pet Toy Company people and always appreciated by me.
Rabiit Toy
These are the best things on the market. Cats know they are in the envelope before I do. Wonderful customer service
Keeping a cat happy
I used to buy my catnip toys at a well known chain which has since gone out of business. It was through a neighbour that I found out about The Natural Pet Toy Company and the rest is history. I now have a very happy cat.
Catnip Toy
Such an amazing product - my cat nearly tore open the envelope as the post arrived!! Very highly recommend these toys!!
Good toy and excellent service
Catnip Toys
My cat loves these and will tolerate no other 'type'. Great value for money and always in pretty fabric.
cat nip rabbit
Have had these products previously usually order multiple have ordered for a friend this time, my cats love them, never throw the old ones away as the smell lingers on them, always arrive quickly
Happy Cats 2
Very quick - arrived the next day, thank you two happy cats
My boys will accept no substitutes!
My 2 (now rather elderly) cats go completely crazy for your catnip toys. As soon as I opened the packets, both of them were in their second childhood! They adore these toys, which are thankfully extremely well-made and withstand all the chewing, licking and "pedalling" very well. The boys are not that bothered about other catnip toys, but these they LOVE :)
Amazing product
My cats go crazy for these catnip toys. So much so, I had to hide them in a cupboard before Christmas day as they could smell them and wanted to play with them.
Catnip Toy
The only Catnip I will buy as they last for cats just love them. Easy to order, quick delivery and excellent packaging.
Catnip Toy - Mouse and Rabbit
Absolutely fabulous - Poosies in heaven and loving every sniff! Super service as usual, thank you very much.
personal service
The service I had was fantastic.. there was a problem with the payment screen so the payment didn't go through.. I had a nice email to let me know as I was none the wiser. All got sorted very quickly.. my 3 cats loved their new toys
Cat toys
Cats seem to like the one they shared on arrival
Catnip Toy (Rabbit)
Excellent product - speedy delivery. My cats absolutely love them !
catnip toy
Always a success with my cats. Definitely their favourite toy.
Could cats want these more??
I have now purchased numerous catnip toys from the Natural Pet Toy Company. The service received is second to none, with delivery just a couple of days later without fail. The toys themselves last for ages, usually longer than the catnip. As soon as they arrive through the post I know as the cats cry for them until I give in. Hours (and hours) of fun, it's great watching the cats get such pleasure from them!
Cats go mad for them
Good quality product that is sturdy enough to resist teeth and retains its scent for some time so that the cats stay interested in them, both as toys and "herb pillows" for some time. Fast courteous service, good value.
Happy cats!!!!
Envelope containing toys was attacked as soon as it hit the doormat!!! Kept cats high and entertained for hours! Well worth the money and excellent level of service!
Rabbit catnip toy
The Cats enjoyed playing with this toy. I'm not sure if it can be washed or refilled or should be considered as a throwaway after a period of time.
The Kitties love it!
Really great toys which our cats love, this is my third or fourth order. Beautiful fabrics prints, and the mouse tail is great for swinging it around and getting the dogs even more excited. Most other cat nip toys don't register a passing interest for our fussy boys and these they go nuts for.
Catnip rabbit cat toy
Fantastic! Beautifully made, cats love them & lovely customer service.
Catnip Rabbits
Much loved and always fiercely guarded by mt 17 year old cat.
Catnip cloth toys
These were the only catnip toys my beloved, now deceased, cat would play with, and God help anyone who tried to take it away when she was playing with it. She had really bad arthritis in her back legs as she got older but would bring her back legs up to attack the toy mouse whilst holding it with her front paws, so they provided an excellent form of physiotherapy aswell. All though she has sadly gone, they make excellent presents for friends cats and I always know they'll love them. Thank you!
Catnip Rabbit Cat Toy
My cats absolutely love this! It was drenched in drool within minutes. This is a replacement as the first one needed up being ripped to shreds thanks to 5 excited cats fighting over it. Would recommend!
cat toy
Bought for a friend's cats who love them. My cat turns up her pretty grey nose at them,but that's her, not the product!
Catnip rabbit
Lovely as usual
catnip rabbit cat toy
A very happy christmas to you all, delighted as always with your products. we have visitors with us at moment and thay have bought there two cats with them to stay for a few days, very tense first hour or so, we gave each of the cats a catnip toys and they are all now playing together and are very happy.
catnip rabbit cat toy
They are all excellent and I have already ordered more. Possibly to share with other cat lovers. cats!
Catnip Christmas
I always get my furry family these wonderful catnip toys for Christmas, and they absolutely adore them. I cannot recommend them enough - No feline will be able to resist, and its a joy to watch them play.
This is the 2nd time I have used the Natural Pet Toy Company because our cat's love the cat nips and the first class service.
Excellent as always
I ordered my catnip rabbits and received them the following day. Fantastic service.
Catnip Rabbit cat toy
Fantastic - hadn't been able to get hold of these since the place I used to buy them closed a few years ago (Culpepper). Finding the Natural Pet Company were the source for Culpepper was fab. These are the best catnip toys ever, as rated by our Mainecoons! Kitty heaven once again!
Catnip rabbit
Mr B is a connoisseur of catnip and at 19 years old he still plays like a kitten when a new rabbit or mouse arrives. He can sense them while they are still packed so we tuck spares away! After 15 minutes of chasing, rubbing, drooling, all accompanied by 100 decibel purring, he will joe out for a 2 hour kip to come down off his favourite high! Keep stitching and love the new fabric patterns this year!
Brilliant Toys
Really good quality toys. The cats have gone mad for them! Excellent service, fast delivery too :)
Great Toy
My cats love these and like to fall asleep with their head on them, or holding them in their paws so no-one else can get hold of them!
Bunny tastic!!!
Rabbit Review
Although these Christmas presents have yet to be opened, I know my two cats will love them - they are on their 4th lot already!! The quality is great and they look absolutely stunning with the cutest of patterns. Thanks again The Natural Pet Company for making Uggs and Dolly Jean really, really happy! Merry Christmas to all!
Great toy - my old boy loves it!
Even at 14 he loves flipping and chewing on this toy! Right size and cat nip remains enticing for months
Beautifully made - my cats go wild!
Such a cute little toy made with lovely fabric and catnip that sends my two stratospheric. Excellent!
My cats love them and so does my neighbours cat who keeps coming in to have a crafty play.
Best catnip toys ever
Best on the market
These are brilliant catnip toys. The best that I can find on the market. The cats go wild for them. Postage is a bit steep though
Fabulous toys
My sister and niece have both got two kittens each. Merry, Pippen, Honey and Pickle all love your catnip toys.
My cats absolutely love this toy
Cats delighted with their new toys
My 2 cats are 15 years old but play like kittens with their new catnip toys
Every Cat Loves These Toys!
I'm buying for a friend's cat as every time I've bought these toys cats have absolutely loved them. My cat still rolls around with his catnip bird or rabbit every single night. They were a Christmas present and you would think the scent was quite faded now but he loves them.
catnip rabbit
Excellent product
Iconic rabbits
I tried to write a review from previous orders but couldn't. So here it goes. I bought "replacement rabbits" we have two cats and I bought them mice two years ago! They stil hug and lick them like they are new! However, I thought it was about time I bought some new stuff. I have two cats where I live with my partner and my own cat who now lives with my parents. My own cat is a bit of a fussy miss and according get to me mum was not interested...I knew that was wrong! Whipped out a wool ball and she went nuts! Later got home, my other two cats licked the death out of the rabbits and have been chasing the balls for an hour now. Thank you Laura for the invoice message..nice personal touch but these cat toys are the best ever. I don't know why every cat owner doesn't have them! The best value ever! Xxx
Another toy
Especially good quality that lasts well without disintegrating, this purchase was an additional rabbit.
Catnip toys
Ordering was simple and the goods arrived quickly even though it was over the Xmas holidays. The mouse and rabbit catnip toys are very well made and the cats loved them. I will definately order from this site again.
Excellent product
Thank you for the catnip toy, my cat Sky loves them and thinks they are puurfect :)
Catnip Toy
Our cat went bananas when we gave this to her. I can see further repeat orders required. Was dispairing when Culpeppers closed, however problem now solved, thanks
catnip toy rabbit
I have bought my cat loads of catnip toys but these are the only ones she likes she licks them bites them chucks them in the air and lies on them it's a pleasure to watch her play with them and I have recommended them to my friends.
Catnip Toys
Had cats all my life, but never bought anything with cat nip!!. Two cats now five months old with load of toys, but never seen them as excited as they were with these. Glad I bought them one each.
Catnip toy
Cats love these. Service very good
catnip delight
My cat loves these, plays with them and chews them till all the 'nip' has gone. And they look cute too.
Quality products and service
We're soon to be adopted by two beautiful Migatobonito Maine coon kittens, and wanted to add to their welcome home toy box (yep, it's getting full!), so I am yet to get their approval, however I personally wanted to add I was really impressed with the speedy service and quality of the products, and I'm sure, knowing how quick kitties ravage catnip stuff, I will be back very soon!
Good value
My order for three catnip cat toys arrived very quickly and was much enjoyed by my two elderly cats and my daughter's young cat
catnip toys
Delivery was prompt. the products as usual excellent, resulting in a number of happy feline recipients.
Rabbit Cat Toy.
As above.
My cat adores this!
I've purchased other brands of catnip in the past, which have had very little effect on my cat. However, she simply adores this rabbit and won't stop playing with it.
A fave with my cat and those of my friends
My cat loves this toy. Even the sound of the packaging can bring her running. Then she is besotted with the scent and blissfully happy. I am also the only person my friends cat rushes to greet - she anticipates the cat toy I usually bring for her!
Rabbit catnip toy
Brilliant !!!!
Cutest cat toy on the market
we always used to buy the Culpepper cat toys and were devastated when they went into administration. These however are every bit as good, our cat is totally barmy for them and the cute little rabbits are adorable. Definately the best catnip toy on the market.
Best catnip toys on the market!
My cats absolutely love these catnip toys. So much so, one was not enough. I've had to buy four - one each!! Unlike other catnip toys they've had in the past, and largely ignored, there is clearly something very special about the herbs in these ones. Much cat-happiness ensues! :)
catnip toys
I have had up to 13 cats. All love these toys. The only problem is that because the herb in put into a rather thin cotton, some of the more boisterous cats just pick it to pieces and then the catnip is spread all over the place. Perhaps if the material was a little stronger they would not be able to chew it to pieces.
Catnip Addict
A friend bought my cat one of these and 2 years ago and she still plays with it now, that's how good they are. I've bought from the site since and she always enjoys hunting and licking them. They make great Christmas presents too, if she doesn't sniff them out before then!
My cats had always loved the catnip toys available from Culpepper so was very pleased to find the original manufactures of aforesaid toys. These toys are amazing. All four of my cats had time of life and even clawed their way into recycling bag in kitchen to get to the cardboard packaging as that too full of catnip smell. I cannot recommend these toys enough - buy today!
Best catnip toy ever
These catnip toys are without a doubt the best on the market - our cats go crazy for them!! We are so pleased to have found them on the Internet again. Our cats even rub themselves all over the cardboard insert!
Catnip toy
Excellent service and the cats love this product
My two cats go crazy for them,best catnip ever,if my boys could talk they would agree,purrfect Liz
rabbit toy
very prompt delivery & a very happy cat!
Success of rabbit catnip toy
The visiting cat for whom I bought the toy was overjoyed and played with it constantly when first given it. He rolled around and clutched and licked it with great joy and enjoyment. On subsequent visits he goes straight for the toy before food treats. Success for both the cat and me!
Catnip toys
My babies loved these toys !! I can see that I am going to have to replace them quite soon based on the amount of use they are getting. Many thanks for selling them !
Like a Drug !
I wish there were something available that produced the same effect in humans as these catnip toys have on cats ... Oh, actually there is ... but it's illegal ... & addictive ... Bah, lucky lucky cats !
Catnip toys
Thank you so much for sending my order so quickly. It is great to be able to buy these again, my cats are very grateful to you.
Every Cat Should Have Some
I was so impressed with your toy, and so was my cat who has had hours of pleasure playing with it. It was stuffed almost to bursting point whereas most toys of this type are more fabric than stuffing. Worth every penny to see my cat have so much fun.
Rabbit cat toy
A cat with cat nip is a very happy cat !
Our cat absolutely loves these toys, we are so glad they are available again !! Our old fat cat Radley sadly passed away in the summer but whenever he had one of these toys he would dive about like a kitten, he used to keep us very entertained with his antics. And thankfully our younger cat Wilf seems to bring us fewer mice when he has these to play with, he chews and kicks and tosses them around for hours, they send him mental ha ha So pleased they are back, brilliant toy !!
Catnip Toy - Rabbit Cat Toy
Excellent Catnip toy my 3 cats love these toys, in fact i am having trouble keeping them for christmas as Doris keeps finding them. I will be back for more.
rabbit catnip toy a hit
As with the fish catnip toy, the best critic is the end user and our discerning and intelligent siamese cat Casper clearly enjoyed the product.
catnip toy
My cats are loving their new toys.
Rabbit cat toy
Hi, thanks for the quick shipment of these toys. They were gratefully received by my two and caused great excitement! The Rabbit toy was the favourite, I guess because it is fatter, easier to hug and rub against!
A great alternative to the fish - fantastic!
Catnip treat
My cat just loves these. I am so pleased I can get them again since the shop I used to get them in closed. So good that she even plays with the cardboard sheet first before I even give her the toy. Your cat will love these.
Very happy
Really quick delivery and looking forward to giving the toy to my cat on Christmas Day. i shop every Christmas with the company.
Catnip Rabbit
I used to get these from Culpeper every Christmas, so thank you for making them available to us once again. These really are the best cat toys around!
Xmas gift
Great service, very speedy delivery. Nice to get a personal thank you from Laura. Will definitely use this company for my cat's Xmas next year.
Catnip toy
Excellent product, first class all-round service. Many thanks.
Catnip toys
Fabulous product. The best catnip toy we have found. Our cat goes bonkers when it's taken out of the wrapper for him, and it lasts. Hours of pleasure!
Rabbit Catnip Cat Toy
Product arrived quickly and is very good quality. Pure ingredients and well made. My cat will love this on Christmas Day !
Rabbit Shaped Cat- Nip Toy
A great favorite amongst my seven cats already - and the appeal of these toys lasts for ages.
Catnip toy
I recently purchased the rabbit and fish catnip toys for my cat Phoebe. She absolutely loves them. Very soft material making it better for her to nuzzle the toy and sleep on it.
Catnip rabbit
Both my girls Ruby & Saffy love them tha rabbits are being killed as I write this brilliant product & exellent service,thanks I will be ordering more
Catnip Toys
Not yet opened the newly received ones but as they are identical to previous purchases via Culpeper. I know my cats just love them, in fact they have been playing with an old one this morning. I was well impressed with the ease of ordering via your web-site and the speedy delivery. Well done!
catnip toy
my cats have not had rabbits before but these are beautiful, well made and contain very good catnip
cat nip toys
Our cats, Digby and Dan love these cat nip toys. I also buy them for their friends, who too are delighted.
Rabbit toy
Brilliant my cat loves this. Very good easy to use web site and excellent mail order service.
Catnip Rabbit
Very swift delivery! I was really pleased with the product and would definitely buy from this company again. I could smell the real catnip before I'd even opened the package!
Simply the best
It takes a lot to excite my 10 year old Persian these days but she adores these catnip toys and they send her into an absolute frenzy of "purryness". Have tried other cat nip toys but these are most definitely the best. Just ordered another two for her Christmas stocking.
They're back!
They're back! My cat loves these as much as the Culpepper variety. Same ecstatic reaction! Overall : Easy ordering, Fast delivery. Thank you.
catnip rabbit
Much appreciated by both felines.
A new animal!
Our 2 cats love these catnip toys - not had a catnip rabbit before. Excellent service from the company.
Catnip Rabbit
Once again my cats are very happy with their catnip presents.
Catnip heaven
My kitty cats absolutely adore these products. They go mad for them!Best products on the market. If you have more than one cat buy them one each as I once made that mistake and the result wasn't pretty :-)
product ans service
My cats were absolutely delighted with their catnip toy. As soon I had got it out of the packet they were sniffing the air and getting excited. Both cats have really enjoyed playing with this toy, even Eddie who isn't usually a catnip fan. These catnip toys smell fantastic and are obviously packed full of high quality catnip. The service from the company was also very prompt, the toys arriving in a few days. I will definitely order again.
Catnip rabbit toy
Have bought these for our two cats before. They last for months and months. Definitely, the best catnip toys by far. The cats go crazy for them.
My three cats all took turns licking,biting and drooling over this rabbit toy.Buy this for happy kitties.
Catnep Toys
Living with the world's only cat to be bored by catnip, when a friend gifted her with a catnep bird I avoided opening the packet until the giver had left, to avoid disappointment. Big mistake, as the enthusiastic play which followed was too enjoyable not to share. These are now the only cat toys I buy.
Great Catnip Toys
I have bought these Catnip toys as Christmas presents for my cats, for over 8 years. They are the most potent and long lasting catnip toys I have found. The cats just love them!
Catnip Toy - Rabbit Cat Toy
I am saving this one for Christmas.
Happy cats
Thanks again for the prompt service. My two cats absolutely love these cat nip toys and I am so please that I found your website following Culpeper's closure. They are as good if not better. I look forward to seeing their excitement on Christmas Day !
These are the traditional Christmas treats
These are the traditional Christmas treats for the cats and for weeks afterwards they are both dreamy eyed, or crazy to get at them. They even get hidden from each other! Best catnip toys ever.
Catnip toys and aniseed bones
These are THE best catnip toys for cats, the catnip is so fresh the cats go mad over them - seventh heaven on Christmas Day. I bought the aniseed bone for my Mum's shi itsu last year and she adored it - so another one ordered this year in a fantastic stripey pattern. Good quality products, made in the UK, with quick delivery get my repeat business every year
I gave this one to my cat straight away and he wouldn't let go of it - he even went to sleep cuddling it!! The rabbit is a fun shape and even has a delightful bobtail.
Cat Nip Toy - Willow
Very quick and the cats are trying to break in to their stockings under the tree so must be good!
Catnip Toy Rabbit
Really quick delivery and well wrapped. An excellent product.
Catnip Toy - Rabbit Cat Toy
Excellent service, arrived very quickly. Christmas present for my cat so looking forward to her reactions on Christmas morning! Attractive design and good size.
Always a hit!
Have been buying these toys for years and they never fail to entertain the humans and cats in our household, in equal measure! Fabulous quality, the best cat nip toy in the UK.
And now a bunny to go with the others!
Great to see a new animal in this range. Not sure the cat minds but the rabbit is really sweet.
catnip rabbit
Always get my catnip toys from your company. They never fail with my fussy cat and are always delivered promptly. Thank you.
I have so missed "Culpepper" catnip toys!!!!
Can't tell you how pleased I was to find these again: we are so looking forward to Kaspar and Pina, and their "cousins"" Lucy. Flash and Gerrard opening their "presents" this year. They are brilliant and the material turns green if there isn't a whole ripped in it first!!!
Catnip Toy
Always a hit, these wonderful toys turn my Cats gaga within minutes! These toys are capable of withstanding the most vigorous of washes from my Two. We keep coming back for more each Kitty Christmas and Birthday.
Rabbit Cat Toy
Yours are the only catnip toys my cat will react to and get pleasure from.
Cats' Christmas Presents
I have bought very similar items from Culpeper for many years. These certainly seem to compare very favourably to those I have had in the past.
First impressions
I was very happy with the service and how soon the product arrived and Mog is delighted with his new toy. Will definitely be buying again from this site.
Catnip Mouse and Rabbit
The cats first of all tried to break open the envelope when it arrived in the post, so we knew these toys were going to be wanted! We wrapped the toys - one for each cat - in tissue paper, and gave one to each cat on Christmas day - result two very happy cats, and very pleased owners!
catnip rabbit cat toy
As above
Customer review
Very happy with the whole process involved in ordering and delivery at such a busy time of year. Also extremely happy with the products and the three recipients of the catnip toys with vouch for this! Best wishes, Fiona.
natural toys for cats
my cats go crazy over these toys we buy them every christmas for them
Wonder catnip!
My cats go into ecstasy over these toys, even cats who usually ignore catnip adore them. I have to buy them one each to prevent squabbles, and after the first rush of excitement they return to them again & again. They are now our standard Xmas treat but we always relent and they get their toys early!
Lovely Toy
Thank you, I think this is the most enthusiastic my cat has been over one of these toys and can recommend. Very quick delivery too.
Rabbbit Cat Toy
Same review as for fish cat toy.
all cats should be given these toys
Catnip Toy - Rabbit Cat Toy
What do you mean, I have to wait for this one?
Fantastic toy, so glad you have set up a website since culpeppers shut down. Cats absolutely love them!
Awesome product
My cat has never responded to catnip at all until we bought him a Natural Pet Toy. He instantly fell in love, seeing him have so much fun with them is worth every penny. I highly recommend these to anyone looking for quality and substance. Thanks so much
Catnip toys
Excellent service and first class catnip toys
Exactly what i wanted
Cat loves it
My 2 cats go mad for these toys.They maybe more expensive than some toys on the High Street but these last for ages and my cats never get tired of them. Only warning is that they do get rather soggy where they are dribbled all over and licked by a very happy cat!
catnip rabbit
My cat Mable absolutely loves this little rabbit, she pets it and washes it - clearly the catnip drives her a bit wild watching how she's been flying up her scratching post and hanging from it like a small King Kong. Also it's a very sweet and cheery design. In fact I ordered another for my parent's cat Bo and the latest feedback is he loves it so much he slept with it between his paws last night - aaaaah!
Catnip rabbit
My cat is not a great lover of catnip but snatched this out of my hand as I opened the packet and proceeded to throw it around and pounce on it! Service was excellent as well - received the next day
Best cat toys around
We've tried all varieties of these excellent catnip toys...the rabbit feels very good value for money...a little bit more toy to get your paws onto.
Fantastic cat toy
I buy these for my cats and my parents cats. They absolutely love them and go completely daft!
Catnip Rabbit cat toy
My cats love these toys and almost rip the packaging open as they know what is inside. The cat nip completely chills them out and three tigers turn to cuddly pussy cats once more.
Our four cats love this catnip, no other catnip compares. I am so glad I can still buy it. They are lovely colours and love the new addition of the rabbit catnip
Brilliant-only catnip toy my cats will play with!
I've bought the world of catnip toys in the past and my cats have no interest. BUT they love these toys. I would happily buy these on a regular direct debit!
Catnip toy.
Ellie & Phi are delighted as always with their catnip toys. I'm sure they would thank you if they could!
Great toy!
This is our fourth toy and as usual, as soon as it's out of the bag, the madness starts with everyone taking turns to steal it, slobber it and roll around with it :)
cuddly bunny
my cat loves these
Cat nip toys
My cats love them to bits they lick them until they ere soaking wet holding in there paws best cat nip toys thankyou
my cat is so so happy with this. he loved it the second it came in the mail. such a great product.
Catnip toys
Always feel like I am a valued customer - prompt delivery and a nice touch is always a hand written note when the parcel arrives. I regularly buy the catnip toys from the Natural Pet Toy Company and will continue to do so. The cats love them!
These are the only catnip toys my four cats will play with! They ignore any other sort so I have to make sure I stock up.
Catnip rabbit cat toy
Our cats LOVE these! The perfect Easter, Christmas or 'just because'gift for them. Fast delivery and great service. Thank you!
very good service
I have found your service,very good , my cat has not played with the toy yet as she is ill, but when she can .
Cats can chase rabbits
Used to fish & mice I was sceptical about new rabbit shaped toy & quickly found larger area nice to roll on if thats your thing. Nub of tail on toy also nice to nibble & hasn't broken yet despite good nuzzling & nibbling from both me & my brother. We therefore highly recommend trying to break away from the mice and fish stereotypcial cat toy & try a rabbit. Mum says its the way to go!
As soon as the envelope with them comes through the letterbox George is dragging the envelope around hall trying to break in and after playing with it it constantly for about half hour he seriously looks like he should have the munchies bless him! and he growls if you try and take it away bit like me with chocolate!
Catnip toys
My 2 cats really love these and have hours of fun with them.
A total winner
I wasn't sure about ordering this initially as I've bought catnip toys from the local pet shop which my cat showed zero interest in. But after reading some of the reviews I took the plunge and am so glad I did - my cat adores this toy! I will surely be buying more.
Simply the best!
My cats love the natural pet toys, they go back and play with them over and over again. Up until now the last natural pet toy was bought over two years ago and they still play with them. Simply the best value for money and all natural.
Catnip Toy - Rabbit cat Toy
Rusty loves it!
Catnip rabbit toy.
Max loves his rabbit catnip toy. He walk round the house with it in his mouth! Great pet product.
Catnip Toy - Rabbit Cat Toy
Jasper. my tabby tomcat, absolutely adores the catnip toys. They give him hours of play and pleasure and I am glad I bought 4 at once because he is fast wearing them out!
Good Quality
Excellent toy,my cat loves it.
Cats love them!
Our cat adores these toys and they are pretty to have laying around the house, he loves them more than lots of others we have tried!
rabbit cat nip toy
The products are well packed, attractive and great as gifts. My cats love them and I buy them for friends cats, the cats ages range from 20 years old - two years old and they both love them. It would be nice when ordering one of each type to get matching material (if possible). TNPTC comment. Please write your fabric choices in the order comments box at the point of checkout and we will select them for you.
cat nip toys
As always an instant favourite with my two cats.
Catnip toys
My little boy loves his catnip toys, he nudges my hands as I'm getting them out of the packet. Really good and good value for money.
Really quick delivery, our cats went crazy for them! :)
A firm favourite
Our cat Phoebe (16) loves these toys. She tosses them around and rubs her face over them until they are sopping wet.
Catnip toys
Jasper our 12 year old cat just loves the cat nip toys. It is lovely to see him rolling over and throwing them into the air. Life in the old dog yet.
Catnip Crazy
I bought the bird toy for my mum's cat and he absolutely loves this toy. Constantly drooling! My cats love the fish one and have fought over this many times since I bought it. I should have got them one each! My colleague, who also has two cats, also mentioned that her cats fought over it. I gave her the rabbit one. On the whole we were all extremely pleased with how nutty our cats became after playing with these toys! Perhaps I was too generous giving the other two away!
catnip rabbit
one happy cat.....many thanks good product.
rabbit cat toy
My cats absolutely love it. Wish I has bought them 1 each now
Tails again
Very popular with the cat - again, the disadvantage being that the sweet little bobtail began to be chewed away! It hung by a thread and I was worried that it might be swallowed, so cut it off.
Excellent quality toys as usual
Catnip Toys
My two cats absolutely love these toys, and I am always impressed by how quickly the order arrives! Excellent quality, and excellent customer service.
Hours of pleasure!
I love to see the delight in our cats' reactions to their Natural Pet catnip toys. They roll around, rub them against their faces, and eventually lie there blissed out! And they go back to them time and time again. Such a lot of pleasure for a fairly small amount of money, thank you.
Catnip Rabbit Toy
Our cat goes mad for your catnip toys which last for ages. We are so glad we found you. Your customer service is excellent. Thank you
Just what the vet ordered
The cats went mad when I gave them one of these rubbing their face on it and playing with it, thanks.
Excellent service
Beautifully presented. Hidden away until hhis birthday and confident it will be as well received as his Catnip Mouse Toy was.
Cat nip toys
These toys are a firm favourite with our cats with them often ripping the post open before we get home! The material is strong and does not break even when the cats chew them and they seem to last for ages.
my cat loves them all !!
as with the fish and also the mouse first class,and a great company to deal with,A excellent service
Life's Better!
Have just ordered some more toys for my cats Molly and Mimi who I got as rescue kittens 6 months ago. The toys were a big factor in making them decide that life wasn't so bad and maybe they didn't really want to live behind the washing machine for ever! Molly likes to bring them upstairs to bed with her!
Toys for Bacardi & Cola
A most efficient service. The toys are loved by my two cats.
rabbit cat nip toy
loved by the cats
catnip toy
These are my cats favourite toy ever, he just loves them!
Happy Cats in Birkdale
Easy to order, delivery as expected and 2 delighted pussy cats. I've recommended your product to 3 other cat lovers already.
Cat nip Rabbit toy
Both my cats love this toy and having bought lots of different ones it is the only one which lasts sufficiently to give them the most enjoyment. If you want a decent cat nip toy for your cats please buy one of these. It will give them years of pleasure as they still like an old one I bought two years ago!
Much rolling and dribbling
Fed up with trying cheaper, mass produced cat nip toys which rarely get played with, these are a real step above. All 3 of my cats love them, which is rare in any toy, and they are carried, licked and rolled over many times a day. Beautifully made as well, they should last a while.
Best catnip toy
My cats love these toys. The catnip smell lasts a long time and the quality is great. I haven't found any other products that equal these from The Natural Pet Toy Company.
My favourite toy!!
Mum's got me these before and they're great. I love them so much I have sent one to my penpal cat in the US! Oscar
Catnip Toy - Rabbit Cat Toy
As always arrived promptly and I am told by the end user that these are the best catnip toys around.
Order very quick to arrive cats very happy with the product. Thanks.
My cat loves these toys more than any other catnip toys. His favourite one recently ended up in the wash by mistake so I had to make an emergency purchase. It came really quickly and is just as loved as his original bunny.
Frank Lampard & Nancy Jessica Fox
they love their little catnip happy thank you.
Catnip heaven!
Great product, great service, happy cat!
In LOVE with this rabbit
My cat is in love with The Natural Pet Toy Company rabbit. He washes it and carries it around with him stopping every now and again to give it a little loving bunny kick. I have never seen him quite so fascinated with a toy. Clearly very high quality catnip and extremely well made as it is still intact after all the abuse it has been put through.
Catnip Rabbit
Lovely little toy that my cat is very happy with. Very well made and quick delivery. I'm sure I will be back for more.
All catnip toys!
I've brought these for years! The best you can buy and will last a long time. If my cats could talk they'd tell you the same too. The postman pushed the package through the door today. Coco started sniffing the post but I thought nothing of it as I thought it was another item I was expecting. Picked it up, carried on sewing until Coco came and started sniffing the package once again and nudging it with his nose. I trealised it must be their Christmas toys. As I opened the Jiffy bag it was as if he was smiling but also excited...his nose trying to get inside the bag. As soon as I opened it his head was straight in the bag! Boy he was a happy boy! Now they're upstairs ready for Christmas, but I somehow think he'll find them out again! These are not the everyday catnip toys you buy from other places, they are the best! If you are wondering whether to try them, don't hang about order them now! Guarantee you'll be back for more!

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