Limited edition fabrics. This delightful and completely natural mouse catnip toy will keep your cat blissfully happy for hours. Stuffed with only love and certified organic catnip herb - which is sewn into a pure cotton outer. 

Our sweet organic catnip toy mice come complete with colourful pure British wool twine tails and fabric ears.

Size: This cat toy measures 14cm x 5.5cm (approx).

Designed and handmade in England.

Please note fabric selections on the mice are limited and you may receive an order that contains all the same fabric type. If you require a particular fabric type please contact us and we will endeavour to help. 

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Customer Reviews
cat nip mice
Supurb quality of goods and excellent + delivery time - thank you.
In Flight Entertainment...
The Culpepper Catnip Mice were such a joy and made great presents. Lovely fabrics too. So when the company sadly folded I thought that was the end an era. And then your rallying email to the catnip deprived....I received your delivery today together with a handwritten 'thank you' and a kiss from Laura on the Packing Slip. That's soooo sweet. I wanted to check out if they were as good as they looked and had considerable feline assistance opening the parcel. Our older cat curled up with his and licked it as if he was greeting a long lost friend. When I came back to the computer to order more I kept seeing the second mouse out of the corner of my eye, being tossed about three foot in the air by our younger cat. Thanks - we all love them!
Catnip Mice
I was absolutely delighted to find out that I could still get these catnip mice which I used to get from Culpeper. My 3 cats absolutely love them, the catnip is much more potent than in any other toys I've purchased elsewhere. They start off by playing wildly with them and then fall asleep using the mice as a pillow - which is adorable!
Welcome back
Your cats will love this! Yet to meet a cat who doesn't go crazy over these!
Millie is a happy cat again Thank you
My cat loves these and they are well worth the money unlike other cat toys that she gets and plays with for a day or two and then never looks at again, she goes back day after day for months to these ones. I have recomended these to all my friends..
Catnip Toys
Very pleased with the purchase, I bought them for friend's cats I am waiting for their feed back.
So glad I found these again!
These catnip toys are the ONLY ones worth buying. They cost a bit more than others, but cats absolutely adore them. I have no idea why, but they do! My cat ignores other catnip toys but is in love with these - literally! She cuddles up at night with them, plays with them and gets very possessive if you try to take them away from her!! So glad they are available again - one happy cat!
Christmas gift for cats
Sent to them a friend in California as Xmas prezzies for her cats. Will let you know what she says.
Excellent service! Speedy delivery, well packaged. The toys are xmas presents; one each for my 3 cats. Judging by their response when I opened the parcel, I think they will love them, they certainly smelt the catnip!
Catnip Toys
Best buy and highly recommend these to anyone with a cat!!
Back again
Our cats have welcomed the return of these catnip mice.
Yesss!!! The Catnip works
My cats would only ever, ever bother with Culpeper Catnip products - so I was distraught when Culpepers closed. I tried loads of alternatives - but none were to the cats' liking. I recently found these Catnip mice and fish toys at the Natural Pet Toy Company & they are the best - cats have gone wild, even tore open the packaging. A perfect alternative - possibly even better - to Culpeper's. Highly recommended by my cats!
My cats love them, the best cat toy on the market. Very prompt service
So relieved to have found our favourites!!
Our previous source unfortunately ceased trading so we were ecstatic when we received a mailer from The Natural Pet Toy Company showing their catnip toys - they looked just the same as the ones we'd been buying for years but couldn't anymore...When they arrived the cats quickly gave them their seal of approval - we'll be back for more! :)
Really happy with the postage time and the item
Really happy with the postage time and the item, glad we could find these again after the retailer we purchased them from in York went under! Top drawer service! This is going to make three cats very happy at Christmas!!!
Catnip Toys
I bought some catnip toys for my cat for Christmas, they have arrived and are great. The service from The Natural Pet Toy Company was brilliant, the products came the next day. Very pleased and will definitely buy from this company again.
Catnip Mice
When Culpeper went into administration, I was wondering what Santa Claws would do this year. I needn't have worried. Natural Pet Toy Company catnip mice have been given a 5-star approval rating by the pussies (who smelt them as soon as the parcel arrived). Prompt service and excellent quality. Have a purrfect Christmas. Thanks.
Thank you!
Thank you so much. The catnip toys are just as good as the Culpeper ones used to be and have gone down really well with all the cats spread out across our family. I do hope your business venture is a big success.
Cat nip peace
Happy cat lying on the hearth rug in front of the log burner purring and licking his catnip toy which is firmly clamped between his front paws.
catnip toy- mouse cat toy
The items were just what I was hoping for. Delivery was swift, and they were packaged and presented well.
Mouse cat toy
Excellent - cats loved them.
Mouse cat toy
Haven't opened this one either
Catnip toys
Excellent. Out cats love them and have sent some of them to their feline friends - who concur.
Bibby the rib tickler loves it :-)
Cat nip toys
My cat and all my friends cats love them all. The best toys ever!
Like the old days
My cats were a fan of these (or similar) toys from Culpepper, now gone under. Was told these were so good that they might have been from the actual supplier. My two cats opened the post while I was at work. Yep, they as good.
You will have to wait till 25th Dec but I know the outcome. Mea-ow! Pur Pur.
Catnip mouse
These are the best catnip products - certainly for my cats. The service was excellent too, I ordered at around 4 in the afternoon and the toys were delivered in the next morning's post!
Catnip Toy - Mouse Cat Toy
Catnip Mouse
Thank you for phoning up to check that it was an error that I had ended up with two similar orders. Very helpful and friendly. Love the product, I used to buy it from Culpeppers. Do not know why you bother with the mouse ears, both cats I have given them to have pulled ears off immediately but rest of mouse has lasted ages.
catnip toys
First class. They were delivered the next day after I placed my order. Our cats love them and have bought them for all their feline friends as Christmas presents - as well as keeping some for themselves.
A huge success....
I have purchased these cat toys previously and my cats absolutely love them. The process was easy and all arrived safe and sound very quickly. Thanks
So glad to have located your company, we have been giving our cats these catnips for years and they love them. Frequent order updates and good service, many thanks
Mouse cat toy
The catnip toys as well as being very popular with our little rescue gang,are very serviceable.They withstand a lot of chasing and chewing.
Catnip Heaven
My cats mourned the loss of culpepper catnip mice which were the finest around..that is until now. I bought 3 mice and released one earlier this week - my Ragdoll was off with it, swiftly followed by my Birman in hot pursuit. I would thoroughly recommend these as the best around - my Ragdoll has already found the 2 unwrapped ones that I had "hidden". He has chewed his way in and dragged that one off now - clearly it speaks for itself.
Our Cats are in love
I purchased my two cats a catnip toy from the Natural Pet Toy Co and my mum's 4 cats one each too. Without exception, all 6 go crazy for them. They are the best catnip toys we have ever found and last for ages - in fact one of mine found her old one too and was playing with two in her paws.
Catnipt cat toy
Frank and Nancy absolutely loved them. I opened the package when i got home from work and they both had one toy each and they just sat there with them in their paws rubbing them all over their faces. These toys make my cats purrfectly happy PLUS they are a good 'calmer down' when they are a bit agitated with each other i just let them sniff and they then get calm and lie down and chill together Thanks you :)
The one and only
Having turned up her nose at catnip toys all her life, my senior cat has fallen in love with the Natural Pet Toy Company range (she particularly recommends the rabbit).
My cats can't live without these mice
Best catnip toy ever, hours of fun watching my cats play with them
catnip mouse
I was looking for a replacement for Culpepper. Excellent, and the proof of the pudding was that our cat was trying to get at the mouse before I had even properly opened the packet. Prompt delivery too.
Cat Nip Striped Mouse Cat Toy
Thanks just "Purr-fect" i'm sure he's going to love it. He's going to be a big 1 next week so saving it for his birthday. Thanks again for picking one suitable for a male cat. I'm sure i'll be back again!
absolutely delighted
I was absolutely delighted with the catnip toys. I have been searching for ones that my very "picky" Burmese cat will play with, I used to get them from Culpeppers until they went out of business over a year ago, and Chippy has been deprived ever since! He was rapturous when I introduced him to yours. He turned his nose at the usual ones from pet shops. Thank you also for the very nice little message on the receipt that accompanied my order.
Lovely items delivered very quickly
I ordered these in place of the Culpeper ones as they've closed down. My cats are very pleased with them and they look lovely!
Catnip mouse toy
The cats love them! On receipt the cats spent 30 mins licking each to death. Toys good quality
catnip mouse
Excellent product. Really pleased to find this website, I have been looking for a catnip toy like this since culpeppers closed down. My cats love them.
Cat nip mouse - my cat goes wild!
My cat Toby loved his cat nip mouse, he is constantly rolling over it, kicking it and giving it some love. I am very impressed with how robust it is and the floral paterns just set it off.
Catnip mouse
Our cat couldn't get enough of this toy - drooled all over it. The ears both came off on the first day but this didn't diminish the cat's enjoyment of the toy! A real treat.
Catnip toy mouse
Excellent product, lovely material. My cat is in heaven with this toy. She absolutly loves it. It is on a par with her old Culpepper one. Many thanks for a great product. Fantastic customer service also.
Catnip toy
Wonderful to have a source for good quality catnip again! Prompt, friendly service from Natural Pet Toy Company. Many thanks.
Catnep Toys
I found your website very easy to use and had no problems at all. I am so glad that the demise of Culpeper has not closed you down. Cats are delighted with their presents! Why don't you ask Cats' Protection mag to mention you?
Catnip toy
They loved them. But you should do deals when you bulk buy.
Catnip mice
Was desperate to find a replacement for the Culpepper quality toys - and now I have. All my cats are mad for them!
Catnip Mouse Toy
My Ragdoll, Meg, absolutely loves these. She sits on them, rolls around on them, licks them & dare you just try to take them off of her! x
Our cats love these. Best presents we could give them!
Quick delivery; one happy 17yr old cat. Very pretty mouse and much licked and enjoyed by our much loved cat.
Christmas Present
I got this toy for my cat, Suki for Christmas. I'm sure she will love it! :)
My cats love these!
I ordered a catnip mouse for my two cats to share, thinking they might enjoy it (they are not, generally, catnip lovers). They absolutely loved it - so much that they were fighting over it! I have had to go back online and order 2 more.......
My Cat's Favourite
There's definitely something special about these catnip mice. I've given Flad other brands and he's not been interested, but he goes crazy about these, bats them with his paws, then goes to sleep with a happy smile on his whiskers! I thoroughly recommend them.
Absolute Favourite.
The Catnip Mouse is our cats favourite of favourites. We recently won one in a competition and he loved it so much that we had to order another. He does play with the others but this is his first choice! The service and delivery is excellent also. Will definitely be back for more.
Good quality and smelly - our cat likes them as much as his old favourite ones from Covent Garden store now closed.

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