Friday 19th December

cat safety collar cat collar
This lovely cat collar features pastel peppermint green, taupe and lilac stripes of equal sizes – a pretty and unusual colour combination.

A cat safety collar will keep your cat safe as the breakaway clip is designed to release your cat unharmed should the collar become caught on anything. We only manufacture breakaway clip cat collars as they are the safest type.

Our cat collars are made from the finest quality fabric and handcrafted in England.

This velvet collar is in the deepest midnight navy (it almost looks black) and with white contrast stitching is a classic colour combination. Lovely for a boy and very sophisticated.

Our cat safety collars boast the highest quality construction. Made from the finest fabric and handmade in our Bristol design studio.
dog bone toy with aniseed cat grass
Grow Your Own Cat Grass
Our Price: £2.50

Our stylish 'Midnight' striped dog bone toy contains the addition of pure aniseed herb (anise). This fragrant herb is very appealing to dogs and is sure to enchant them. The bone shape makes it very easy for your pet to carry and as such is a perfect dog toy for playing fetch.

This toy bone with aniseed is made from beautiful, luxurious and sturdy cotton canvas fabric making it the perfect luxury toy for your dog.
Our easy to grow seeds will provide juicy green shoots in just a few weeks and can be grown on a warm window ledge all year round.
Our attractive seed packet makes this a pretty gift for a friend or simply a great treat for your cat.