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cat safety collar herbal remedies for dogs
This turquoise cat safety collar features a stylish bird print. The inside of the cat collar has clashing orange webbing – perfect for any fashionable cat and looks particularly fabulous on ginger fur!

The Natural Pet Toy Company only manufacture breakaway clip cat collars as they are the safest type. A cat safety collar will keep your cat safe as the breakaway clip is designed to release your cat unharmed should the collar become caught on anything.

Our cat safety collars are made from luxury fabric and handcrafted in England.
Developed by animal herbalist and vet, Holly Mash. This tea is packed in an attractive lightweight tin and contains herbs including Chamomile and Passionflower.
To promote calmness and relieve anxiety associated with travelling, trips to the vet, fireworks, thunderstorms or as an aid in separation anxiety.
pet blanket, cat blanket, small dog blanket felt cat toys
Felt Ball Cat Toys
Our Price: £4.00


Rosa Pet Blanket – a bold floral design of roses in soft pinks and greens on a grey background. Handmade in England this attractive pet blanket features thick plush fleece on one side and sturdy printed upholstery grade cotton fabric on the other.

Our Price: £14.95 Small / £24.95 Medium

Bright, colourful and completely natural felt ball cat toys that are lightly infused with premium catnip herb.

In a pack of three assorted colours and handmade from the softest merino wool, these toys are lightweight and naturally bouncy, so perfect for your cat to roll, chase and catch.