Dog collar with lockable clip herbal remedies for dogs

Our 'Clifton' standard dog collar has a sophisticated broken stripe with pinks, aubergine, olive and dark grey with a bright pink satin lining.

This collar is handmade in Bristol using genuine Liberty print 100% cotton fabric, lined with luxurious satin and has a solid brass D ring. All our standard dog collars have a lockable clip fastening.

Our Price: £17.95 Small / £22.95 Medium

This vet developed herbal dog tea is packed in an attractive lightweight tin and contains a blend of herbs including Hawthorn.
To support and maintain a healthy and efficient digestive system in your dog. Helps relieve flatulence, bloating and cramps and promotes regular, healthy motions.
dog toy martingale collar
Orbee-Tuff Tennis Ball
Our Price: £11.45
Sale Price: £8.01

NEW - A mint-scented tennis ball toy that’s chewy and bouncy. This toy is suitable for medium to large dogs.

Martingale dog collars in four fantastic fabric designs - Blaise, Botanic, Clifton and Fiesta.

Our Price: £22.95 Medium / £24.95 Large

Our collars are handmade in Bristol using genuine Liberty print fabrics, lined with satin fabric and have solid brass fittings.